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  1. After all of this, why the absence of Ken and Megaman?
  2. Indeed. Although I never got that interested in Final Fantasy XIII because the game didn't interest me itself, let alone the main character. However XIII-2 is still on my radar. Versus is my ideal game to look forward to, its as if Square wanted to do an extremely realistic Kingdom Hearts game, gameplay wise, without all of the douchebag characters with outlandish hairdos.
  3. Star Ocean - The Last Hope International, once I get back around to playing it. I finished the first boss and met this one guy with elf ears and green hair. I didn't even play Dead Space 2, I already predicted what the experience would be like, and decided it's not what I want. No more playing certain games just because they exist.
  4. I have Dead Space 2, but I haven't touched it yet. I'm playing Star Ocean the Last Hope International version, and re-playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. I actually rented these games from Gamefly and then copied them to my harddrive with a backup manager, Star Ocean is 20GB, I already purchased a 500GB for my slim because right now these games are eating all of my harddrive space.
  5. I will be getting to Dead Space 2 soon, was going to get a torrent but unfortunately you need a serial code to play online, getting it from Gamefly for the X360.
  6. Waiting on me to post more? Go find it.
  7. At least we have "hackers" to work their magic. I couldn't care less about how long it takes.
  8. I was wondering why no one else posted anything about. Glad I could help.
  9. http://gbatemp.net/t272700-ps3-psp-private-keys-released First PS3 custom firmware created. http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=272...p;#entry3371338
  10. I've beaten it to death at this point, however I would recommend an extended rental if you can't find it anywhere for $30 or lower.
  11. If they put in Forest Law, I'm pre-ordering without question.
  12. The voice actor for Heihachi died, so they added in a younger version. That's my guess, but he really did die. Since Tekken Tag is non-canon, pretty much anything goes.
  13. The Assassin's Creed characters would fit into Soul Calibur, rather.
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