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  1. A very stand-offish game with requirements that not many people like. I decided to rent it from Gamefly just recently, (planning to buy soon), the game seems very unforgiving and long. This game itself expects you to basically learn on your own. Upon starting up the main adventure, your character is extremely weak and inexperienced. After 4-5 hours of learning how the game works, and cautiously using the stamina bar, the game's difficulty lifts up a bit. This game has an Online log filled with players who are either playing at the moment, or that have died recently. (I think) It's a never ending dungeon crawler, with blood spots around the dungeons, blood spots from other particular players, where you can summon a ghost of their player, and the game will replay how and where they died. It's very useful for people who don't use guides, while I myself tend to use guides because Demon's Souls method of dying is not so instantaneously recoverable. Your health cuts in half temporarily, and you lose all of your experience points, (Souls), so you'll have to go all the way back to where you died, and touch your bloodspot, to get all of your souls back. Instead of selling all of the items you collect over the course of time, you are only able to deposit them into the Stockpile "guy", you’re able to increase stats so that you can carry more weight while moving. I'm really enjoying this title, and I just defeated my third boss. Being able to walk through the first dungeon, and get one hit kills, lets you know that you've gotten stronger. I'll be back later.
  2. For sure, we should play next weekend. My gamertag is "Rostir". I ranked up to "Special Jonin" just recently. The true experience is being able to talk about manga in a room of people who aren't going to call you a thirteen year old, just because "they think it's for kids", when they haven't seen a second of the anime or have read a word of the manga. The people who don't really care, and who will discuss manga with you all day if it came down to it. I started to develop a certain strategy, I'm a true Chidori spear Sasuke user now, randomly fighting people with 300 wins and 50 losses, just to see if I can get lucky and kill them with their character exploitations.
  3. I understand what you mean, but I would rather have ranked matches without the use of support characters, so that the spamming is kept to a minimum.
  4. I bought this. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...0-052-_-Product People play online for the wrong reasons. The Substitution Justu timing is dodgy, which is why people spam the block button, it's sad really. Here's a fact, how ever many times you've won means nothing, it's just a number. Which is why I decided not to play online anymore. They don't allow one on one matches, why?
  5. This video is me bringing down a Rasengan spammer.
  6. Ghost of Sparta is good, but I couldn't play through it for very long, especially after already completing GOW I-III and Chains of Olympus. The gameplay is starting to seem stale.
  7. Deidara, any version of Naruto, Sasuke, and especially Minato are the perfect spamming characters. It's pure lulz when I put those characters face first into the concrete, with strategy, and Guy.
  8. I have around 26 hours in the storymode with about 90% of the achievements, all characters, etc. I play Online now.
  9. Here is a recently updated SNES emulator. http://www.mediafire.com/?mnzudv2kjtz
  10. I'm all out of suggestions. Trying asking around at http://www.pspmod.com
  11. Did you charge the Pandora Battery?
  12. The only thing I got out of the God of War series story wise, was that, every person you talked to, you would end up gruesomely killing later on, for the sake of killing.
  13. Just completed Vanquish, I lol'd at the ending credits.
  14. So, where's Samanosuke Akechi?
  15. I've been so transfixed on Fallout, I havent had time to enjoy Vanquish. I need to get back on it. No problem here, it's worth the wait. Near the end of the game Vanquish reminds me of Ninja Gaiden, not necessarily cheap AI, just too many on screen to track. You will be doge rolling out of the yin-yang.
  16. I've played the demo at least 6-7 times now already, waiting patiently for the full release, if it gets there.
  17. Very good, the vocals sound a bit low though.
  18. Been playing Vanquish, fucking chaotic, non-stop explosions and shooting, I really enjoy it.
  19. I hear that SEGA is about to start it's legal rampage, much similar to the closure of Chrono Resurrection. The fact that this game was made around the same time STH4 was released, has people thinking further.
  20. I laughed out loud, because I can relate. Currently playing the new Naruto game.
  21. The demo link is in the description.
  22. From what I've read, the second demo doesn't exactly feature another chapter from the main game, but rather one of the Challenge arenas in the game. My memory fails me, but something like that anyway. I heard about this, I think it might have been from this forum, that's even better. Vanquish has been getting good reviews, it should be here by tomorrow.
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