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  1. Kudos to them for making a very enjoyable demo, and then following up on it with another. But perhaps it's giving the consumer too much of the game without a purchase?
  2. Namco is swamped with work right now, aside from other things, they're making Tekken X Street Fighter, and now this. Both of them are bound to be released in Japanese arcades first, making a NA, and EU console release seem that much far away.
  3. Vanquish just shipped yesterday, I'm balancing Lost Planet 2, and soon enough, this.
  4. With my new rig, my gaming possibilities have opened evermore. My first PC game, Lost Planet 2, I've played around 2 chapters without any lag at all. I'm really enjoying PC gaming, even though I'm using a controller.
  5. I dropped nearly $1800 on these parts, one of my co-workers has offered to help me build this computer this weekend. Things are to happen. There are two internal 7200 RPM, SATA, (2) 1 TB HDDs not in the picture, and, two, LG, (Blu-ray / DVD / CD) writers.
  6. Many fans are angry because they added the new Bionic Commando guy instead of the original.
  7. Not sure if I can play these generic adventure games any longer. Whether I like it or not, any adventure game coming out like Enslaved or Lords of Shadow has already been done before, I feel like I'm playing less enjoyable versions of games that game came out 5 years ago. It's the same, repetitive stuff, you put in the game, start a new game, play, and the gameply repeats, except for cutscenes here and there. These ideas have already been executed better on the systems like the PS2. I may be becoming less tolerant, these games aren't terrible, but are just cut from the same mold, the same person masquerading as something new and different every year. I'll be waiting for Vanquish, even though it's basically more or less in the same category.
  8. Lars will appear in his costume from Tekken 6 designed by Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto.
  9. I plan on getting the new Naruto game when it comes out, but that's a whole different story, I'll come back when I find out more about this new Tag.
  10. Playing Enslaved, it has great voice acting and natural realistic looking facial expressions.
  11. Um... What? It is an Onimusha and Zelda Wannabe. Hell, its also more like Devil May Cry than GoW. This. Many games takes features from the Onimusha series and never give credit, people tend to forget this series even existed. Where is my HD sequel?
  12. Reading this thread makes me wish I kept playing this game.
  13. I haven't heard very great things about Castlevania: LoD. I've actually had enough of these type of games that base themselves around God of War, but are just broken versions of it. I did hear the story is good. I hear that the platforming is a bit dodgy, along, with bottomless pits is way too frequent. I'm still going to rent it to check it out. I played Dead Rising 2, and I still have the same opinion towards it as the first. A very monotonous experience, even in co-op, things become a little stale way too quickly.
  14. I tried to play Star Ocean TLH, along with all of the other 50 JPGs for the PS2, I even purchased the game. With a little bit of what Agozer said, and RPG fatigue, I never finished it, or got that far. Playing too many games at once is the problem for me.
  15. Let me know what happens. Make sure to format flash1.
  16. Yeah. Took me forever and a day to beat that boss, though. Two forms, and a few dozen "weak point" cores. Fuck the one that's attached to it's back. Its triple laser sweep move is also pretty nasty. Yeah my only fault with the game is you run out of ammo pretty damn fast. Beat the boss with barely ammo left and I'm like if this last mg clip doesn't do it fuck. Yeah, tell me about it. There's only like four or five gun crates/stands on the whole platform where the fight takes place, and two of them give you grenades instead of more dakka. This. The game is in my Gamefly GameQ.
  17. How do I go about doing that? http://www.unbrickpsps.com/Pandora-Tutorial.php You need to re-hack your PSP, installing a fresh custom firmware of 3.80 M33, try starting over.
  18. Have you tried making a MMS, and booting the PSP using a Pandora's Battery? You should be able to access the boot menu.
  19. The only thing that can come out of making selfish threads such as these, is a verbal bashing over the head by many different people, much older than me. I should think twice before making this mistake again.
  20. I wasn't planning on posting a reply to this thread, but I will now because this is the best forum on the interwebs. Many people, even my Dad is telling me that having no desire to talk or interact with people is bad. It's not that I'm afraid of doing it, which is the basic template for an anti-socialist, it's just that I don't care, I don't care what other people or doing, I don't care how your day is going, I don't care if you find me attractive, I don't care what a person thinks of me, I just don't care about any of it. It doesn't pique my interest at all. Because of this I just keep to myself, participate in activities alone unless I absolutely have to get someone else to do it with me. My life isn't about seeing how many people I can befriend, it's about doing anything I want, and if people want to criticize me because of my lack of interest in social interactivity, then so be it. I was basically generalizing, that in a stereotypical human society, my life right now, all of the symptoms, is ensuing, that I am a complete loser. I don't talk to many people unless it is absolutely necessary, I hate small talk because it goes nowhere, social gatherings don't do anything for me. Then again, like I said before, a socially active person will keep telling me, "If you keep living your life in social apathy, you will suffer, you suck, I hope you die", and I am accepting this, I don't care about conforming to everyone else's way of life. Anytime anyone inquires about how my life works, they basically tell me, "Well, since you're not a social expert like I am, who has sex with many girls, has many friends, goes to parties, drinks alcohol, and has very healthy social life, you aren't worth my time, you don't even deserve to look at me because of it". Why can't I just do what I want?
  21. I've gone through leaps and bounds dealing with my problems. Here is the deal, I think I've finally realized that, I could quite possibly, fail at life. This isn't a joke, I'm not depressed, I'm not ashamed, however, I am happy to know that I am mature enough to finally accept the fact that I just fail at life at the moment, there's not much to it. Instead of denying that fact, it's just prevalent in my everyday life. This persona, of a clever and well-natured male, is just that, a persona. In real life I am in my room the majority of the day, staying away from humans altogether, denying my desire for friendship. That's just it, the internet is my place to live. I am a demented teenager, that any socially active adult can verbally slash through in a few minutes. I am not complex. I am not extremely intellectual. I am just going to live life and not take it too seriously.
  22. I don't understand how such a thing could of slipped by me.
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