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  1. I finished re-reading my "Loser", thread, and after that I realized how right you guys are about me. Looking back on the thread, I would say it was a really immature move, I think that it was selfish, bigoted, and was basically a disgrace to this forum as a whole. I've been active hear a few years, and I think that I tainted the entire forum with my childish trash. I have been more scrupulous towards posting, and I have learned from my mistake. I went to a funeral for my Grandfather two weeks ago in Kentucky, where my family pretty much addressed my situation to my brothers and cousins, and they are helping me. I am also making an effort to go out with co-workers on weekends. Enough of that, but, I'm apologizing to this forum, I'm sorry.
  2. You can use blackbox ftp to transfer files over. Your backup manager you should install a directory automatically after you run it at least once. You can buy a solid state HDD and replace the one in your PS3, the max is 500GB.
  3. Killzone 3 Single Player demo, not bad. Waiting for full game.
  4. I saw Ogre, and was that Jun? Really cool trailer.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll do it when I get my game Tuesday. get kmeaw CFW and make sure your firmware is below 3.55 Yeah get Kmeaw, however it can be 3.55 at the highest.
  6. I understand what you mean. I bought a 500GB for this slim because the PS3 games are pretty hefty. For instance Little Big Planet 2 is 17GB, Dead Space 2 is 11GB. If any of you need my help I would be more than welcome to guide you to installing the firmware and backup manager successfully.
  7. The only downfall at the moment, is that Sony is readily patching firmwares so people cannot get online. Right now there is a way to get on PSN using Kmeaw's firmware, but right now it's only a matter of time until Sony patches it again. It's up to you whether you want to be able to run homebrew and backups with internet that can be patched by Sony at anytime, or a PS3 only able to run official software.
  8. I really don't like the game, all of the combos are confusing, and the ending boss is extremely overpowered.
  9. You don't need a jailbreak device, at this point it would be wasting money, if your PS3 is on a firmware of 3.55 or lower, you can install custom firmware on it.
  10. You don't need to buy a jailbreak device since there is a very stable CFW called Kmeaw. Geohot's is now pretty obsolete. You can play backups behind Kmeaw CFW, using multimanager, it can rip games from discs, and put them on your harddrive. I recommend you download blackbox ftp, specifically for 3.55 CFW (since the original is not compatible), and use that to transfer any backups that you have on your PC to the PS3 using FTP.
  11. What some people fail to remember is that, without the Onimusha series, some of the most highly acclaimed hack n' slasher titles, probably would not exist, or would not be as good as they are, since Devil May Cry and Onimusha were basically the foothold for the 3D aspect of the genre. Even though both games aren't considered as hack n' slashers, rather, action adventure games, they are important when mentioning the history of the 3D single player console genre. It wouldn't bother me for them to use the Dawn of Dreams system with better graphics just for this new title, but with all of these action packed games like Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden, God of War, Darksiders, Dante's Inferno, No More Heroes, three of which, are based around the same type of gaming concept, Onimusha might seem stale, so they might have to revamp how fast or slow the combat will be in comparison to other games. I could go as far as to say, that Onimusha is better compared to Devil May Cry more than anything else. We'll also have to see how the new Devil May Cry game plays as well. Will it be more action oriented like the last titles? We will have to see indeed.
  12. Yeah, getting points for killing while intoxicated was for the lulz.
  13. All I can say to this is DLC capcom is gonna milk the shit outta of this game
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