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  1. Alright im back in thank you i will delete my new account. And thats awsome i hope they bring back the fighting forum crap it was one the main reasons i checked in dailey
  2. ChickHEN is the only choice for PSP3000, i'm afraid. Yeah and aparently with 6.20 it isnt possible to hack yet anyways there is a few videos on youtube but enough people have posted fake and broke psp so not even going to attempt it. i guess its back to buying games .
  3. Just wondering what the best way to hack the psp is to play the most games. i hear Chickhen is crap and has no support for many games.
  4. Yeah there was no reason to upgrade but for anyone who did by mistake can use this. The claims of always being able to downgrade back to 3.1.2 is B.S. it makes your ipod slow right down to a crawl. And they also claim that if you upgrade to 3.1.3 it helps with battery power another B.S. lie it dies just as fast.
  5. I had been waiting for this to be released for months Geohot was talking about how its pointless to hack untill the Ipad was released due to the upgrade had nothing new on it other than to block users from jailbreaking Apple products. Well i finally found one after 3months of looking and waiting for this to be done. http://spiritjb.com/ I hope this comes in good use to anyone who enjoys Ipod games.
  6. What is the best Apps and Games people just jailbroke my Ipod touch and wanna get some stuff.
  7. Alright i went into blockbuster and rented MAG. But i tried to load the game and it getsto the Char management screen and doesnt go anywhere cant set up my char it just let me sign up my account. I looked up the release date online and it says the game isnt released till the 26th of this month. did they do a mistake and put this game out too early?
  8. Is it still possible to hook it up to the internet to use or no. i dont want to hook it up and somehow have my Wii messed up.
  9. Does anyone know if i loaded a movie onto a SD card with the NDS format. will it read a standard SD Card
  10. well i found a engine to do a swap with only 700 rebuilt. the Vtech GSR engine and everyone iv talked to says honda and acura are the easiest to do swaps so shouldnt be that much of a task
  11. Ahhh il ask Ken_Cinder . my brother must know he seems to get ahold of anything he wants lol
  12. Does anyone know a online store that sells carpeting? or will i have to have it custom made due to how old it is?
  13. lmao naw it looks amazing in person the picture enhances it like 400 times lol. but i have a feeling it will be a cop magnet. The paintjob already won a contest for best paint. A little unfair considering it was judged by the painter lmao.
  14. Well the name speaks for itself check it out and tell me what you think http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3344673
  15. It seems to have fixed itself when i did the update. weird lol thanks
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