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  1. do me a favor. try not to kill any innocents. I don't kill innocents. Standing in my way is a crime Punishable by the Death Penalty
  2. I'm joining the Israeli Army on Sunday. I barely write here nowadays, so you probably won't feel it, but I think my veteran status should grant me the right to open a thread about it.
  3. It's ok. You are hereby granted a special to insult the RIAA.
  4. No $hit... Anyways, happy BDay to NeutralizeR. Even generic NPC's that never post deserve to have a birthday. Sort of. OK, they don't, but Paris Hilton didn't deserve to get famous yet she did, so face it - life is unfair!
  5. Stop fooling around, fool! I know where you live... that porn shall soon be mine
  6. What's the point? They haven't shown up in ages...
  7. Try the good old wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Structural_steel
  8. That's right! Without me, you guys are nobodies! nothing! like a cake without garlic!
  9. Been a while, ha? Been laughing on a moderator in another forum for not showing up in ages, and than I figured - DAMN! So I came back here. Beside - I just LOVE comebacks... So, fill me in - any new faces? did I miss something? another lame tribute song? the FBI raided the place, mistook LSD for the actual drag and took him away so now there will be no Asians in the hot chicks treat known as "the hot chicks thread"? I missed you guys... all of you... `cept Fatal, ofcourse... Now to get some sleep... cause it's late...
  10. Frankly - I was pretty much out of the entire emulation scene
  11. I want to burn some video files for my friend, and I'm not too familiar with PS2 software... Oh, and how do I burn it? Do I need to just burn the files, or do I need to make a PS2 ISO via a special program? If so, what is the name of such a program? Thanks in advance!
  12. Yea, but the next episode will be a filler too. The rumors I heard said that episode 205 is the last filler episode...
  13. Say... wasn't the filler supposed to end up already? Guess the rumors were wrong...
  14. Welcome to the forums someboddy attacked sinista1 with a Pimp Slap (1 str) and took off 30! sinista1 has 0 HP left! sinista1 is now dead, therefore cannot counterattack!!!! You gain 1 frag(s) (0 stolen). You gain: 4 EXP points!!!!
  15. Welcome to the forums emuedict! someboddy attacked emuedict with a Pimp Slap (1 str) and took off 28! emuedict has 2 HP left! emuedict counterattacks with a Chainsaw (15 str) and takes off 1! someboddy has 154 HP left! You gain: 5 EXP points!!!! Dammit! You newbies should stop making so many posts right away so we can kill you with a single pimp slap like nature meant... I also wrote that at the end of my english test. The teacher didn't except it... but don't worry, it's not your fault - it's Gamecop's fault for removing the spell-check tool. The 1337speak is a different matter... it is allowed, but please don't use it too much... ask Mooney why...
  16. I know Gamecop and Fatal are real life friends... though it sounds more like GC is doing Fatal a favor
  17. Welcome back man! Hey! I actually remember this one!
  18. Welcome to the forums Devia! someboddy attacked Devia Eleven with a Pimp Slap (1 str) and took off 29! Devia Eleven has 1 HP left! Devia Eleven counterattacks with a AK-47 (23 str) and takes off 6! someboddy has 149 HP left! You gain: 5 EXP points!!!!
  19. True, but it's much more fun to do it here. Most new members who post here don't even go to the attack system forum. someboddy attacked Private Biscuit with a Pimp Slap (1 str) and took off 30! Private Biscuit has 0 HP left! Private Biscuit is now dead, therefore cannot counterattack!!!! You gain 1 frag(s) (0 stolen). You gain: 4 EXP points!!!!
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