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  1. Better late than never... so Happy BDay Bambi!
  2. Welcome aboard the boards, vision. So, what is your nationality if it's not spanish?
  3. Everyone should get one. After I've got mine ofcourse... I don't want them running out of stock and leaving me without it...
  4. I bring a cake, but it's up to you to supply the napkins. I might elaborate when I get home and have access to a real keyboard...
  5. You know, opening a pony forum should really boost site activity...
  6. I've quit warrior training several days before I was supposed to shoot my first 120mm bullet("tankball"?) I made a trollbot that spams forums. Don't worry - it can't work here. People at the base joke that I never remove my cap. They don't know I do it because I'm a Terry Bogard fan...
  7. Welcome to our humble forum, Cindy. Having more girls around should help us get over the shock of finding out that JKKDARK is really a guy... Wait 'till you reach 100 posts
  8. No need for that. The legal age here at Israel is 18.
  9. Oh, so you guys did remember! I'm so touched...
  10. OK, Any member who doesn't jump out and yell "SURPRISE!!!" can consider himself or herself banned.
  11. The catacomb soundtrack from Castlevaina(it was in many castlevania titles).
  12. You have insulted my fiance! I demand satisfaction! Can the PSP emulate the DS? Can the DS emulate the PSP? The Pandora can do both! Beside, it is designed for homebrew software, so you don't need to hack it. Beside, that thing is a beast! It has a flocking 128MB of RAM! It's more than the flocking Wii have!!! And a dual core CPU! This thing is not a handheld console. It's a flocking handheld computer!
  13. give your male organ. nothing personal, but most of the people here don't have a practical function for it anyways I DO have a practical function for it you know! I need it for masturbation... however, considering masturbation has no direct relation to the Pandora, I might consider your idea.
  14. http://openpandora.org/ I would give my right arm for it! Wait a minute... I won't be able to use it properly without my right arm... OK, I'll give my right leg! NO NO NO! That's not good! without my right leg I won't be able to walk and having an hand held device will be pointless... Well, it's the thought that count, isn't it?
  15. Welcome RH. Sorry for being late, but I wasn't at home. someboddy attacked Random Hero with a 8mm Pistol (23 str) and took off 30! Random Hero has 0 HP left! Random Hero is now dead, therefore cannot counterattack!!!! You gain 1 frag(s) (0 stolen). You gain: 2 EXP points!!!!
  16. It's a shame it doesn't come with fries...
  17. lol me neither.. but honestly just by looking at your signature I should have known btw I'm here since the days ROMs were legal at this forums.. wayy back in 2003~4 Really? I don't remember your name from back than...
  18. Happy BDay Skythe. Too lazy to eat the cake before you crap it, ha?
  19. AMFG, I had no idea there was another Israeli on 1Emu!
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