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  1. Well, me and my friend(who hadn't seen Bleach before) tried the fandub. Karin's dubbing was the best - and Karin's dubbing sucked. Was that from the same group who made this?
  2. Lucius turns to the other ninjas. "Take us to your leader. What? I always wanted to say that!" he adds as the others look at him impatiently. "Never!" one of the ninjas yells, and drops a smoke bomb. "Not so fast!" Alos says, and a giant fan comes out of his chest and blows the smoke away. The adventurers see the ninjas trying to squeeze into a hidden hole in the ground. "So..." Nelfag starts. "Are you just going to escape and leave your friend here?". "He is just a generic NPC!" one of the ninjas replies. "Hiding the location of our HQ is more important than his life!". "If your leader is a generic NPC..." Nelfag says. "What does it make you?". "Nevermind that!" Racid proclaims. "I'm going to their base!" he says and jumps into the hole. "Dammit!" a voice comes out from the hole. "Why didn't you tell me this isn't the route to your base, only a room for hiding? it stinks here!". Racid climbs out of the hole. "You guys better lead us to your base before I'll get mad..." he stares at the ninjas. They start to shake, and lead the heroes to their HQ. -=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=- The ninjas bring the party to the HQ, in front of their leader - an old ninja master. The leader gets angry at the ninjas. "Why did you bring these strangers to our sercret HQ?". "Please forgive us, Shukimoto-sama. Those guys..." one of the ninjas says, when Racid interrupts him. "Shukimoto? What kind of a name is that?" Shukimoto gets angry. "That's a ninja name! And who are you to insult me like that?" Racid smiles. "I am Racid. The last Ranger of the Hertselia-Pituach ranger tribe!" "Oh... the tribe of warriors who are not as cool as ninjas..." "What? You can't just change who you are just because your ancestors watched too much anime." "Look who's speaking... your tribe watched too much Walker - Texas Ranger, and based your entire tradition on that series, deciding that Chuck Norris was the first leader of the three tribes..." "That does it!" Racid says, and starts to remove his glove. "NOOOOO!!!!!!!" Lucuis and Ryla screams and jumps on him. -=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=- To be continued. I left it open intentionally, so just take it wherever you want to. And yes, that "one of the ninjas" is always the same guy...
  3. I'm working on getting a job at writing games for cellphones... I think...
  4. A question to you, FTW is pitta? <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  5. A question to all BBQ eaters - how can you eat BBQ without pitta?
  6. So you got demoted. So what? Are you going to run with your tail between your legs?
  7. The last one looks really really wierd...
  8. Today's Birthdays No members are celebrating a birthday today
  9. Welcome newcomers. Watch out for sneak attacks.
  10. Mazal tov to the new promotees!!! Poor, poor robert... now he has to validate tons of new users...
  11. http://honeybrown.ca/Pubs/BumpTop.html I wonder if you will be able to use it with your mouse...
  12. The scariest moment is after you exit from the tunnel where you are supposed to save that chick. You need to go thru all those doors, and you don't know from where the next alien is going to jump. That was the only time a video game made me jump off my chair.
  13. Happy Canada day! Is that a real country?
  14. Half decent? I take this as a personal insult! AvP2 was one of the best games I've ever played!
  15. Happy birthday Happy birthday to that generic NPC as well.
  16. Where the flock is episode 87? Did they skip a week without asking me?
  17. My plans consist of sleep, Java and world domination
  18. About a hour ago I finished the last test of my finals... ever! It feels so damn good!
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