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  1. OK, one thing that annoys me is that the "new messages" icon and the "no new messages" icon are too damn close in color.
  2. someboddy

    Animu time!

    Pani Poni Dash? this name sounds like...
  3. someboddy


    Well, if I don't writer anything in my blog than it just uses up 1Emulation's precious bytes. So, let me tell you about a game I'm working on(in my own lazy way) - AirSapper. AirSapper is another game about the war between Israel(aka the good guys) and Lebanon(aka the bad guys), made in order to rise the Israeli moral. The purpose of AirSapper is to sabotage the Katyusha missiles while in the air so they won't reach Israel. The controls are simple - the left&right arrows are used to run around, the up arrow is used to jump, the down arrow is used to jump down from missiles(you need to hold it for a short while), and the space bar is used to sabotage the missiles. You need to hold the space bar until the missile starts to explode. There are also enemies in the game, in the form of cannons(please accept my apology for classifying those things as cannons), and bonuses inside boxes. You need to open a box in order to get the bonus inside - and you do it in the same way you sabotage a missile. Here is the link to download the game - http://www.geocities.com/someddyelse/AirSapper30.7.zip. you can activate the game from either the jar file or the batch file. This game needs java version 1.4 or higher in order to run. Hope you have fun playing it!
  4. someboddy

    Yes your crazy

    I don't use Clone Mame. Does that mean we can't be friends?
  5. So yea... I have a blog too now... I just wanted to be one of the first bloggers on the new system... Anyways, make sure you visit my blog daily! Cause someone has to do it, and it's not going to be me... Don't worry. I may look like a boring guy, but I have very interesting life... on the internet... well, I still have those games I make to write about. So make sure you check up once in a while to get the latest info on my games, and download exclusive beta versions!
  6. Very nice. I might start my own blog... as soon as I have something interesting to write about...
  7. This thing is looking good GC, even thought it doesn't have the cool metallic look of the old one. I guess it will take me some time to get used to it, but no too long as the background is still dark like in the old one.
  8. Go to the spam forum, to the thread named "Random"
  9. Have fun. Use that time well to prepare your revenge on Robert.
  10. Well well well... look who's crawling back... Welcome back Ghosty.
  11. You'll be yourself's best friend...
  12. I guess the news RSS ignores stickies... and it's probably sorted by first post, not by last post.
  13. I don't see what's the problem this those pictures. Those girls are not even wearing provocative clothes
  14. I can see where you are taking the story, and I like it! And yes, the robot is still with them. -=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=- TEREPO-TO! The party was back at the ninja HQ. "Look, Shukimoto." Racid starts. "About the artifacts you are stealing...". Shukimoto lies a hand on Racid shoulder. "Ofcourse, but first, you must be hungry. Come with me.". "But what about..." Racid starts, but the head ninja interrupts him. "They will be taken care of. Lets go." he says, and they start walking. "Psst! Nelfag!" Lucius whispers. "I know." Nelfag replies. "I will have to check it out more. In the meanwhile, Alos is in charge.". Lucius looks at the robot. "Why is he in charge?" he protests, but Nelfag can't hear him - he is already gone. -=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=- Nelfag crawls in the air tunnels of the ninja HQ. When he approaches to a cross, he hears two ninjas, one approaching from the left and the other approaching from the right. He waits until they reach the cross, and slams their heads one in the other. Nelfag removes their clothes, and positions them one atop the other. He giggles. "Their parents won't be pleased, but at least no one will believe them if they try to report about an intruder.". He opens a bottle of ale. "I hate to waste good ale, but just in case..." he spills ale on the "couple". Nelfag puts his ear on the floor of the tunnel. He recognizes Shukimoto's voice, and takes the turn to the right. Nelfag continues crawling. -=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=-=(X)=-=(+)=- A ninja servant looks at the rest of the party. "Where is the tall guy?" he asks. "He went to the bathroom." Alos replies. "Very well. I'll show you to your rooms." the ninja says, and leads Lucius, Ryla and Alos away.
  15. As long as we have cookies, this site will never die!
  16. Here in Israel, they take it into consideration if the age difference between the adult and the minor is 3 years or less. Mmm... I guess my country is not that flocked up after all...
  17. Happy BDay Cinder. Here is your present: someboddy attacked IJTF_Cinder with a Atomic Bomb (103 str) and took off 111! IJTF_Cinder has 105 HP left! IJTF_Cinder counterattacks with a Bat (4 str) and takes off 39! someboddy has 107 HP left! You gain: 46 EXP points!!!! Winner someboddy
  18. It will take at least three matter-antimatter bombs to kill this thread
  19. I am not americaln, so I guess I can goatse people as much as I want!
  20. If you are a ninja, just use TYPING-NO-JOSTU
  21. I have no idea how exactly life will end, but I'm pretty damn sure Chuck Norris will have something to do with it...
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