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  1. it's a N64 rom's requst, its belong to the N64 section!!!
  2. I you delete something from a computer, it's only delete the pointer for the data, but the data itself stay in the hard-disc, until the computer write's a new data on the same place of the deleated data. there are program's that can restore the deleated data if it's not been deleated yet, but maby for us its to lat...
  3. You can find them all on the main site.
  4. gamecop need's to do two things: 1.make a recycle bin for posts. 2.make a list of every mod modaretion actions.
  5. We have 108 members right now, we can make ne post in no time!!!
  6. GameCop, you better check how space this forum takes on the server, maybe the post not totaly deleted.
  7. Eugen Popovici, do you know whay all the forums have announcements with your name?
  8. I dont know, but all the sections have announcements from Eugen Popovici... strange
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