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  1. what about other mind altering drugs like weed or shrooms
  2. if the girl has just past out, you should you a dream sequence that forshadows an underlying plot. hey. its just an idea
  3. Fall Out Boy - The World's Not Waiting (Four Five Tired Boy)
  4. either or..... both look like they would be a fun time with her.
  5. Well I have watched a few Movies Recently, The Ones i would suggest: Action/ Adventure: 16 Blocks Rating 7.7 of 10 Starring - Bruce Willis And Mos Def This one is a little hazy because it isnt so recent but i need to put it on here because i acually enjoyed Bruce Willis for the First time in a long time Synopsis : The Movie is Bruce Willis as a Alcoholic Cop ( Remenisant of the Die Hard Days) and he is trying to Take a prisoner (Mos Def) to the court house to testify in a case. The Movie is their Experience trying to reach the Court house. Inside Man: Ranting 8.5 of 10 Starring - Denzel Washington, Clive Owens, and Jodi Foster This Was a Very Good Heist Movie. Synopsis : The Goup of people lead by a very intelligent man (Clive Owens ). plan to rob a prestigeous bank, which is located downtown a large city. Everything from the hostages to the escape route, was painstakenly planned out, by the leader. The Nagotiator ( Denzel Washington ) come in to save the hostages, but finds himself looking for a way to stop the Situation. There are alot of Good Scenes, Descent Dialog and a Few Twists and Turns along the way. Lucky Number Slevin Rating 8.8 of 10 Starring - Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnet, Ben Kingsly, Morgan Freeman, Lucy Lui This Was a Kick A$$ Mob movie Synopsis : A Man ( Josh Hartnet ) owes not one but two mob bosses (Ben Kingsley and Morgan Freeman) money for outstanding betting slips. There are a lot of secretes and twists in this movie. Comedy Grandma's Boy Rating 8.4 I put this on here because IQ said something about it . This was a very slapstick funny movie. the jokes are very childish, the story was meh at best, but you must watch this movie. Synopsis : This is a story of a video game tester who gets kicked out of his house, moves in with his grandma and has a huge game to test before his dead line. There are alot of video game references and the jokes are original and very funny. i can definately see this becoming a cult classis. I Have been watching alot of TV series Recently ( Rome, Firefly, Weeds, Ect.) So i dont have many a can remember.
  6. Rez, but i must say, life is slightly altered when i play rez.
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