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  1. Happy birthday Cindy! MR. Yagami is also celebrating, but he is just a generic NPC so we won't wish him HBD...
  2. The term "GBA only" is meaningless considering the current level of GBA emulation.
  3. He appears in Megaman Zero 1 and 3 It has been years since I played it, but I think you don't fight him until MMZ3.
  4. Terry Bogard. There is no need to explain why.
  5. That evil X clone from Megaman Zero 3(or was it 4?)
  6. Welcome aboard the boards OratPart. We don't have food either. Seems like you have a lack of luck this week...
  7. Oh wait, we were describing the same person. Your ex is dutch?
  8. I would take a car and drive like I'm in GTA. Edit: on the way I'll help JACKDARK with her last week plans
  9. My motto in life is "Make love, not sense"
  10. I promise not to laugh, but I won't promise to keep my promise.
  11. Do I have to pick just one? Oh well... The 8 bit Theater
  12. Ask not what your forum can do for you - ask what you can do for your forum!
  13. Welcome aboard the boards mohabbat. I didn't know there is even electricity at Bangladesh, let alone computers and internet...
  14. Don't blame your lack of viewing skills on my lack of drawing skills.
  15. Don't blame your lack of gaming skills on my lack of programming skills.
  16. I'm not ranting about old people, I'm ranting about jerks.
  17. I was riding the bus today, when the driver suddenly braked. It turned out a guy on a bicycle had crashed on us from the side. Because we were at slow speed the guy was fine and there was no damage to his bicycle, but still one of the elders in the bus began to yell at the driver - "How do you driver! Who thought you how to drive!". I was thinking - yes, that bicycle guy is OK and it was his fault, but it's a natural reaction for that old guy(he IS israeli, after all...). But than he blamed the driver for braking so strongly! The driver yelled back - "You piece of sh!t! can't you see I almost ran over a person?" but that old geezer didn't care - "I've wrote down your name and I'm going to send a complaint to the company!" Guys like him just piss me off. He was sitting down at the time and complained the sudden stop could brake his legs(wtf?), while many people on the bus were standing and could fall(they didn't, and I wouldn't blame the driver if they did). I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle... twice. I didn't get hurt(thought in the first time my bicycle did, 'cause pure instinct made me jump off just before the car made contact so my bicycle took all the damage) so I wasn't not mad at the drivers, but I know I would hadn't they stopped and asked me how I feel...
  18. OK, now I'm home, writing not from my cellphone but from an actual keyboard, meaning I can fully utilize my blind typing skills and write hot steaming piles of nonsense. My mere presence here boosts the divine score of the forums. Beside that, I bring pointless comments that are usually being ignored. Each and every post of mine has my avater to the left, and since my avater is my real picture it increases the level of hotness in the entire server. I also bring my games once I finish making them... which can take very long, considering I rarely work on them...
  19. Korkinet!!! (==kick scooter) Sorry... it's a joke only Israeli will understand, but I just couldn't resist the urge...
  20. Welcome back. Wow, even I remember you, and I'm not the type of guy who remember people...
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