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  1. When they first announced it I was cheering for it. But then I saw the screens... It's still early.. could still be a good game. I'm just not riding the wave of salivating anticipation I thought I'd be.
  2. It's to build anticipation into your minds. The pricetag killed all my anticipation for the SA.
  3. Got a wireless router or a wireless service? In terms of latency, you'd be better off connecting straight to a router via ethernet than using ICS.
  4. Extended exposure is the problem. And these are only the same chemicals used in the manufacture of PCBs and wiring... I'd imagine opening a PC and putting in a new video card would expose you to a similar level of risk. In short, it's all scaremongering. You should realistically be more worried about getting run down when you cross the street.
  5. Sonic 2 > Unleashed. Galdarnit why can't people revive all my favourite series and not make them half-arsed? This, Golden Axe, Splatterhouse all look like garbage. Mad props to Propaganda for making a decent Turok though.
  6. It's hard because they're illegal to have up for download, and because you don't know where to look. But yes, starting off, everything is hard to find
  7. Flash kneeing Sonya... fail. Sometimes I wonder if anyone in the MK team has ever thrown a punch in their life.
  8. I'd love it if Wolf Sonic disappeared altogether too. My sick feeling is just that he is still in, is lame as hell, and they don't want to show him off for that reason.
  9. Yeh this is an Xbox 360 video. I've moved it to that section. Comments on the video.. as good and bad as expected. Want demo. Still no mention of Wolf Sonic / Unleashed Sonic... anyone else find that discomforting?
  10. Inky's got the game already? What was his impression?
  11. German website 4players.de has reviewed the final build of Alone in the Dark. They rate it 68/100 on the Xbox 360, and less on the PS2 and Wii. This comes as a shame to me, since I was really hoping this one would turn out halfway-decent. The link to the review is at the bottom but have a gander at these Pros and Cons first; I did my best to clean up those translations but check this translation of the review in full; Source: http://translate.google.com.au/translate?u...en&ie=UTF-8
  12. This reminds me of a certain 3-game collection that was released on disc and was region rocked... I don't think I'll be able to play this on my 360 any time soon. Oh well, I still prefer Dai Ou Jou and even if that is region locked I'll still have my PS2.
  13. Sony has released a new major version of the official System Software for the PlayStation Portable. The impressive list of changes includes; I'm with you on the 'who cares' part. Not many new features for a big 4.00 update, but the XMB Google Search could be useful. Let's all wait for a 4.00 M33 before upgrading though. That's my advice to the kiddies at least. Download
  14. Thanks for the update. I can't wait to get to it.
  15. It's coming. We've seen crime families of almost every other ethnicity so far.
  16. 1) Install a CFW 2) UnRAR ISO file 3) More research
  17. Three Leaf Clover is a perfect example of everything he talks about. The cover system, especially in the subway part, is ridiculously unresponsive. There are no checkpoints in this crazily long and difficult mission. The drive from Packie's house to the bank is long and I was sick of hearing about incest and club feet by the end of it.
  18. Needless to say I agree with every word of this guy's criticism. Read the full article and see what you think. Source: http://www.cracked.com/article_16404_5-rea...-ever-made.html
  19. Yes and no. Deathmatch is the staple of UT, but it also has a single player campaign / story mode, Capture the Flag, and an Assault-like new mode. Vehicles are included too... 16 of them I think?
  20. Unreal Tournament III is coming out for the 360 on July 3. I'm curious as to who is getting it and who will be playing on Live? There are 3 reasons why UT3 on the PC isn't that great. 1) I don't have the hardware for it, 2) there are bugs all voer the place that still haven't been patched for more than 6 months, and 3) hardly anyone is playing it online, let alone people on Australian / Oceanic servers. So yeh my CE game and key are gathering dust as we speak. I am going to pick it up for the 360 in any case, and am wondering if anyone feels the same way and also what they think the Live community for this game will be like? PS on the mods front, mods can be submitted to Epic to cook for the 360, and they plan on releasing them each month on the Live Game Store. Epic will also only be charging for any DLC they create, while mod community releases will remain free.
  21. The External / USB Extreme HDD loading method isn't worth doing.
  22. Very nice. Modded PS2s are always going to be eternal gaming bliss no matter what generation it is.
  23. Got out my PS2 again thanks to that Free MC Boot thing and decided to catch up on a lot of stuff I've been neglecting... shelving my 360 until Alone in the Dark comes out. I plan on playing (in no particular order)... Culdcept Disgaea 1 Fatal Frame 1 Guilty Gear XX ^Core+ Namco X Capcom (English Hack v2) Persona 3 FES Silent Hill Origins Soul Nomad Warriors Orochi ...and I'll be picking up Sengoku Basara X on the 26th. The SW series has got me familiar with the characters so I figure why not try it out. Might try Arcana Heart too if I feel masochistic. ...and all this alongside replaying MGS2 and MGS3 again. If I get really tired of things I might even try finishing the original Metal Gears on the Persistence disc...
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