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  1. He likely won't be playable in the arcade release. We already know they plan to offer a lot more content in the ports. Fei Long and Dan at the very least, but I bet Cammy will at least return and maybe Guy or Alex or something.
  2. XBOX 360 Pros -More good games -Cheaper price point -Great online service -Achievements, Gamerscore, GamerCards Cons -Old models were prone to RRoDs -Doesn't support keyboard/mouse -Some drives are very loud PS3 Pros -Blu-ray playback -Linux OS -Wifi built-in -Bluetooth connectivity Cons -Few games worth buying -All multiplatform games except Burnout Paradise perform worse on the PS3 -BD-ROM speed capped at a pathetic 2x -Longer load times -Mandatory installs on most games at startup, and 4 confirmed points where data must be installed in MGS4 -No central unified online service -PS2 BC effectively cut -Absurd price point for a games console -Much higher energy requirements than the 360 Wii Pros -Cheap -??? Cons -No games worth buying beyond a handful of 1st party games -Weak hardware spec and storage
  3. My bad I chose to go by something which has now been removed :/ He is on both now.
  4. And we all thought it was a good idea when they decided to increase the size / cost of Live Arcade content I won't be paying 800msp for a Beta though.
  5. Interestingly, despite shots of the Secret Apprentice and Yoda fighting, he will apparently only be in the PS3 version of SC4... even though Yoda won't.
  6. And some character select screen caps; this seems like the final roster for the arcade version, apart from Akuma and Seth. I wonder why they never got round to adding in the 4 New Challengers from Super SF2... I guess he must have really liked the CE feeling seeing as the bosses are actually stronger. Here's hoping the console ports get more than just Gay Long and Dan. DLC characters would be the sweetest thing at this point methinks.
  7. Part 1 of a new Famitsu interview with Ono translated by Azrael at SRK.
  8. Why? Because it's 3D? This looks like it plays nothing like EX.
  9. Pretty much. I'm curious about you got your hands on a 3.95 PSP when 3.96 was only released a matter of days ago.
  10. Without using the Pandora battery? No. 3.95 is the second newest version and there are no known software exploits for it to let you hack / downgrade it. You need to battery, or to wait a really long time if / when a suitable exploit is found.
  11. Yep. You need to use a Pandora battery. Go look that up and if you have any questions Ill be able to help you out. The readme in the thing you download is real easy to follow though.
  12. Do G3 and G4 iBooks have Wi-fi though? I;m looking through eBay listings and most only say Ethernet LAN and Airport Wireless (?). Wtf is Airport Wireless?
  13. Cheap iBooks... never thought about getting one of those. I want a small cheapish laptop to play with.
  14. Yeh it just seems like Gouken is the only one here willing to defend the PS3~
  15. Of course the PS2 was dominating- it had just killed the Dreamcast one year before and had no competition from the other systems which were barely just launching.
  16. I don't understand what is being disagreed on here. But remember that first tanker trailer for MGS2? Kojima claimed MGS2 was an eternal PS2-only game back then as well. The only difference is now there is a much greater economic necessity to release on other platforms than there was then, when the PS2 was dominating.
  17. What did Inky say that was confusing? MGS2 came out for the Xbox as MGS2 Substance.
  18. I didn't end up being able to connect to the 1Emu server but my headset works fine on my guild's old Vent server.
  19. My car got totaled last night because some fagg0t ran a red light. I would hate to have been riding a bike at the time.
  20. Pssh weren't you paying out on the DoA4 stick not too long ago? And while were opening the thing up, why not just switch around the buttons if you don't like the default arrangement?
  21. Don't forget MGS2, a big PS2 exclusive, came to the Xbox. This sort of a game with such a big budget can't really turn a profit not coming to the Xbox at some point, unless PS3 sales really spike this year.
  22. The price of gas is why I'm looking at a small car in the first place.
  23. I was doing those Ventrillo tests before- I mentioned several times I had a mic
  24. Those dongles are dirt cheap too. Right now I seem to use my wireless headset more often on the PC than on the 360
  25. Well I bet Urien / Seth will have charge type moves.
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