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  1. According to my Gamercard... Call of Duty 4 Grand Theft Auto IV Eternal Sonata Samurai Warriors 2 Xtreme Legends Assassin's Creed
  2. Don't be hating. DoA was good once. It can be good again.
  3. Part 2 of the Famitsu interview with Ono translated by Azrael at SRK.
  4. Yamazaki? I wasn't thinking of Ash but let's include him in this too- all SNK characters with personality are weirdos. Street Fighter is not realistic in the least, but it treads the line been cartoony characters and real ones quite well. KoF just goes way over and looses itself in strangeness. Discretion is the order of the day methinks. Vega, Blanka and Sagat just have so much more going for them than your Blue Marys, Ioris and Oswalds. Motion-wise. Looks-wise. And so on and on. In fact I think its that excessive outlandish design of KoF that made it almost completely unpalatable and/or offensive to the western mainstream. SF2 caught on in a big way, but Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and the early King of Fighters didn't. Why?
  5. Nothing will run without Custom Firmware. Unless you manage to downgrade and install one you'll be limited to playing games and movies as Sony intended.
  6. I cannot believe that he cares so much about spoiling peoples' fun. In any case he hasn't been disbarred yet- the thread title is a bit misleading.
  7. Gas prices here are even more sickening than in the States. If for no other reason I'll be buying a small car for the petrol economics of it.
  8. The moron was denied the chance to rant in court and stormed out. They should add a contempt charge to that and throw the book at him. What an arrogant, self-righteous asswipe this Jack Thompson is.
  9. Don't they guzzle petrol like there's no tomorrow?
  10. SNK characters aren't original... they're all just Jpop flunkees or bizarre anime rejects- the fact that Crimson Viper was straightaway dubbed as a KoF style character says it all. Not that I can say much for pre- or post-SF2, but SF2 had the best and most original roster of any fighting game outside of Killer Instinct. And I'm talking both about the visual design and the gameplay design. All the SF2 cast moves and behaves differentl with unique motions and individual control of space.
  11. Dunno why Wiz would defend T.Hawk. I love his design as much as the next guy but in ST he is trash. More so in A3. I know you can say ST is all about matchups but flock that... he's trash~ And just remember if Capcom cared, they would've pulled him out for something before A3, and even then he wouldn't have sucked so much in it.
  12. There seems to be this big thing against them... dunno what it is. All my friends drive them- in fact here everyone my age I know that has their own car has a small 5- or 3-door vehicle of some variety.
  13. Fair enough. My beef is down to mainly having to pay money for two machines that do essentially the same thing. I make my purchase choices - either to buy one or both - and live with my decisions. I don't tell the companies how to conduct their business but I do feel that its worth criticising. The only problem is when people take criticism of the system they bought personally and the rationality of the discussion takes a dive. But otherwise I think chewing out the console wars is good fun.
  14. Abel looks like a Guy-copy? Guy from Final Fight? And nobody cares about T.Hawk or Dee Jay. Capcom has showed they favour Cammy time and again- just look at how many games she is in.
  15. Hehe I'm hearing that Russian voice from CoD4 when you're on that team and lose a match. I've played that too much today. :S
  16. What you don't get, AxL, is that this isn't about owning each system and claiming that as an achievement. Why should we have to buy 2 or 3 appliances that do the same thing, just because different companies compete with eachother over developers and games? Why can't I play the RRP for MGS4 and play it on the games machine I already own? They're competing products and we are weighing them up on their own qualities. Whether we choose to buy all or none of them doesn't have to do with the issue at hand at all. Why do you see a thread like this and reckon its about a bunch of braindead fanboys who wouldn't buy more than one console out of sheer illogical brand loyalty or stinginess? That's not the case. I'm in the same boat as Inky here, sans the Wii. And I likely will own a PS3 before the year is out. But I will still defend the 360 as being the better system.
  17. It's not central- servers are neither owned nor run by Sony. It's not unified- every game has its own isolated online space and there are no unified friends lists. PSN is basically a shop page run by Sony, and a GUI for the games to sort out their own online business. Nice try.
  18. DVDs were never even a big thing for me. On my PS2 I must have put a DVD in less than 10 times in the machine's life. Guess that hints at how much I care for Blu-ray.
  19. You have to remember Sony was the new kid on the block in the PSX era. It was competing with Nintendo (SNES and N64) and Sega (Mega Drive and Saturn) at that time, and both were established brands. Not to mention crap like the 3DO... Although it ended up winning and selling 100 million units, its first year isn't surprising. Both the PS2 and PS3 owe a lot to the PlayStation brand that the PSX earned the respect for.
  20. But they have already exhausted the entire SF2 roster. Fei Long is confirmed and Cammy is almost a given... I think the more prominent characters from the Alpha and III series are fair game for the console ports.
  21. Nah I wasn't saying you'd be paying that for just a Beta, but I would be I couldn't give a second thought to something called 'Wolf of the Battlefield'.
  22. The BC debacle was the exact point where I stopped thinking 'I'm waiting for the PS3 no matter what' and started thinking 'the Xbox looks alright, has a few good games' etc etc. The rest is history.
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