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  1. Star Ocean: The Last Hope [Xbox 360] - Just announced as Star Ocean: The Last Hope (aka Star Ocean 4 in Japan). The Last Remnant [Xbox 360, PlayStation 3] - Uses Unreal Engine 3. - Will be released simultaneously worldwide in late 2008 on the 360, PS3 version TBA. Infinite Undiscovery [Xbox 360] -Coming out on September 2 worldwide, exclusively for the 360. Looks like its JRPG season in Microsoft land.
  2. Yeh but in those days Sony let you publish your MvC2s and your Tekken Tags to CD if you liked. Now they don't allow any PS3 software to be printed on DVD9s even if the publishers would like to.
  3. I got a serious question for this thread; Fatal, I was in a car crash last week and am crippled. How do I get chicks now... what's my selling point in a wheelchair?
  4. Most PS3 games can fit on DVD9s. As I said, most have duplicate data to help with loading. The reason they don't publish games on DVD9s is because it would be counterintuitive with Blu-ray being pushed as a selling point.
  5. There are other modern theatres to use though.. make up fictitious modern conflicts. Asia, Pacific, South America, Eastern Europe... why bloody WW2 again?
  6. That's where I disagree. I play SFA3U, play as 'Evil Ryu' and don't know what he's about except that he now has gone over to the dark side or something such. To get the full story I have to go elsewhere outside the game. That's not just because of a sparing localisation either. For that reason I think those details are negligible. If it wasn't fitting enough for the creators to have in the game, then the character may as well be judged without it.
  7. Because data is read off the DVD-ROM in the 360 faster than from the BD-ROM in the PS3. Blu-ray isn't an advantage for games- it is just an enormous amount of data to seek through to load the content needed at any given time. This is why all those multiplatform games without installs take much longer to load at each loading screen on the PS3, and why games like Motorstorm contain multiple copies of the same data on the disc to help the laser locate the right spot.
  8. Ergh. CoD5 is going to ruin everything CoD4 built up. It's going to be CoD3 all over again.
  9. Downloading atm, I'll look for you online once its done. I'm also dieing to see what Quake Wars turned out like on the 360, so if anyone has the demo for that I'll be playing that too.
  10. Yeh you need the SW2 disc. Even the one that comes with both SW2 and XL on the disc installs the 5GB onto the HDD and you need the disc in to play.
  11. Xbox Originals, bigger Live games, demos... Xtreme Legends takes up 5GB LSD
  12. Games need stories. I've said so elsewhere. What I meant above is that a character doesn't need a story to determine whether or not the character design is good, especially if little / none of their story is in the game itself, but sourced from other materials.
  13. The difference is none of the planned expanded uses for the PS2 were to the detriment of it as a gaming machine. Both the PS3 BD-ROM and the 360 HDDVD-ROM are 2x. Same data rate. However the 360 doesn't read games from its slow HDDVD attachment. Polygons don't take time to load, only textures do, and the PS3 has less VRAM to store them in which would suggest less total data to load. Also the renders (?) in the 360 are not of a lower quality- DMC4 is identical in resolution and framerate. GTAIV runs at the same resolution but at a higher framerate than the PS3. It suffers popin- but that is different to image quality and rendering. Rendering is done by the CPU base don what is in RAM- it has nothing to do with disc access at all. When the 360 loads from discs there is sometimes popin- the 'render' quality doesn't change. No it doesn't. Discs are scratched by mechanical parts, not the laser lens. It has no physical contact with the disc. PS3 games that are installed still need the disc inserted and still keep the disc spinning while playing- it never winds down. So it causes the same disc wear as anything else. Yeh, and the point being made is that consoles should not be like PCs. I shouldn't have to suffer the inconvenience of installing things, and shouldn't have to buy additional hardware for a game console.
  14. Actually, especially outside the US, the 40GB one is far and away the most common SKU. Here in Australia, for example, all our bundles come with the 40GB PS3 including the MGS4 bundle and the 40GB is far more common to find on shelves. The price for the 80GB is still more than $900AUD so I suppose that's why. It would be similar in price in Europe at least. I don't mind installs as long as they're optional. Because consider deleting some old installs to make space to play MGS4... and then the next minute wanting to play DMC4 again. You'd need to delete something else and wait 20 mins for it to install before you could get to the title screen. Which kind of goes against the simple style of console gameplay. The other thing is, GTAIV and DMC4 both prove on the 360 they could be done without installs... so why not have it as an option? Longer load times or waiting for an installation sounds like a fair option to give to the user. The BD-ROM drive in the PS3 must be realistically even slower than most people think.
  15. Topic title. MGS4 requires almost 5GB of hard disk space just to play. 3GB at the onset, and 2 mini installations of 900MB each during the course of the story. More unfortunate installations bs for the PS3. PS. Can this not become a system bashing thread plz- its just news.
  16. Fatal, I agree DoA4 isn't that impressive. Try to get DoA Ultimate if you can and try DoA2. Like Agozer says, it is the best. If you try to take that one casually you might like it.
  17. RE4and DMC4 needed beastly hardware to run smooth. Let's hope this doesn't.
  18. I character in a fighting game doesn't need a story, especially if its only espoused in a few lines of text before and after their arcade ladder. A design is a design- that's why Blanka is invariably more interesting that some skinny Japanese adolescent, no matter what backstory they may or may not have. If you're making a case for the plotline behind KoF you're going off topic and FYI I know every bit of trivia about the SNK characters that there is to know. But again, pages of text do not a good design make. Yamazaki, for example, is a mobster... but who cares? He is just some guy dressed in boring grey who pulls out a knife every now and then, jumps and grapples in one of his supers and can counter some crap. There is no cohesion, no real sense of direction for the guy and no real way of moving that makes him different to anyone else. If he didn't hang his tongue out and make weird ass sounds, he would be as nondescript as the next guy. Blanka has a distinct visual style. And a distinct way of moving in 2d space. You say he is a stock character because he is a brute and green? How many of them roll in balls and move about the arena like a monkey? His bio is shallow at best but does that really matter in terms of him essentially being a tool in a game? I am limiting this to KoF and its sister series FF and AoF, but I stand by what I say. The size of a Kaiser Wave doesn't make Krauser any less of a sickening shirtless old man with purple hair and revealing pants. That sh!t doesn't fly, but neither does his approach to the fight. He does some unco-pseudo-wrestling moves that flounder about and then throws a big fireball when it suits him. He also lacks cohesion. 2d sprite based fighters need to be defined by 2 things in my book. A visual impact and a unique way of negotiating space. Almost every single Street Fighter has these things, but only very few KoF fighters do. I agree its a case by case thing and if you'd like me to explain my reasoning for any particular character I will. Vega, Guile, Sagat, M.Bison, Adon, Urien, Dhalsim, Hugo... Iori fits the bill, but he is the only one from the KoF camp I can think of at the moment. Maybe Duo Lon, Whip... I dunno. The last thing I don't get is how you think so highly of yourself for preferring KoF to SF. It's one thing to prefer a game over another, but another thing entirely took look down on people who fail to see the obvious 'superiority' of your game. KoF is not devoid of merit- I like the series. But not a single one in its long sordid history is as polished, balanced or overall as well 'designed' as 3S, and that wasn't even part of the 'Street Fighter craze'. From the way you talked in that last post, I think you think of SNK games as the cool underground alternative to the uncool mainstream Street Fighter series. If so, that's pretty sad.
  19. Another Ono Interview Now with direct feed gameplay footage. He mentions that Gouken or Goutetsu or Sheng Long or whoever that character in the animation cells is, will most likely be playable in the home ports.
  20. I don't think he means games testers per se, but the ones at the location tests who play and have cam vids posted online of them. They all suck, and I don't understand why someone who can't play SF would line up and wait to play the new one either.
  21. That's where Star Wars: The Force Unleashed comes into play. Think he meant 1on1 fighting, not a beat em up.
  22. I want to add one thing that Gouken is not understanding. This is the PlayStation 3 section. However, that does not mean we need to be PS3 fanboys to post here or else we should GTFO. This section is to discuss the PS3- the good and bad. The same goes for the Xbox 360 forum. You have a right to criticise that machine in that forum should you so wish. But the bottom line is do not make it personal. It is nobody's job to personally champion these systems except their manufacturers.
  23. I'm guessing this game will end up feeling more like Alpha than SF2 from the looks of the pacing and the hit detection and so on. Not to mention the multiple supers per character and looser windows for inputting commands.
  24. Just in relation to the first post, are you still staunchly against telling people anything about yourself GC?
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