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  1. Hey guys why is it impossible to find CPS1-2 or NEO GEO roms ? like seriously.
  2. Hmm EA C&C I have...but only thing what about the newer ones? i hear their good but what is it about the newer ones u don't like?
  3. Thank you sooooooo much man! and btw any other good RTSs? out there besides SC/WC?
  4. Hey guys I played this RTS on my friends computer in Japan and I love it. It's a RTS comprised of Lotus race or something? it has like a 40 food cap anyone know that game thanks verrrrry much! =]
  5. Hmm One must fall a game? and M.U.G.E.N i have roflmfaoooo heheh thanks for GG and MB cuz i needed them! =] anything else?
  6. Looking for some good fighting games for the PC like Street Fighter or something roflmfao Anything Japanese/English would be awesome , and just the names lmao !
  7. Hey guys , I'm just wondering , Where is it possible to get Dreamcast roms/ISO/and so forth. Where could i get these? thanks ,
  8. I did and guess what? it doesn't work. The game will start up but it won't start
  9. Hey Guys....I got some Dreamcast Games, But there's one thing.THE CDI images are OVER 700mb . How do i fix this? lastly i can't find 800mb cd-r. Thanks
  10. Okay good enough but.....bin and CUE so burn the game with it using Disc juggler?
  11. I'm sorry....But i like...Counterstrike better 1.6 because it is a Tournament game also it's very realistic like the guns and so example the guns....their actually that much mostly....except maybe the AK-47 OR the CV-47 rofl...it's like 1000 bucks now the M4A1 is ......2500 dollars for the real gun. I know because my brother owns 1.(lives in States) Also AWP is a NOOB weapon ...If u use it UR A NOOB...why? Because of 1 simple fact basically One hit kill ..Like COME ON i got shot in the arm and i lost my life in that game.... CS Source isn't much skill...WHY the guns are WAYYY to strong in that game i tried it. Me and my buddy tried... i got a UZI and used it in 1.6 and it took about 20 shots to kill him if it hit him in the chest...the uzi in CS source...wow....it took 10...Also the new guns in the game when you shoot it, the cross hair jumps up and therefore can end in a HEADSHOT. (so Noobs go to Source But if ur a Good/experienced player then go to 1.6 that's WAY more skill...
  12. I got a Dreamcast game and i think it's a ISO ....but there's a problem, it says....SONIC.ECH so what do i do to make to work. also i got a game that's a .bin file what do i do with it....like is it possible for me to burn it onto a Disc to make it work on my Dreamcast or no? Also I need some discs that are BIGGER then 700mb (cd-r) because some of the games are like 780mb and so forth thanks
  13. I tried...But it didn't work and the file got corrupted what about the .bin also what if their in MDF/MDS files?
  14. I got a Game but it's in .BIN format now i want to burn it onto the disc to play on my dreamcast how? Also what about .CUE, Also I got a game...But it's in 001 files and i don't know how to open the file? Thanks Like i need to make it self bootable.
  15. But i need to convert them to CDI and then being able to play on my dreamcast because Null Dc is too slow . If u could help me that would be great.
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