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  1. Bruce. His hop kick launcher comes out fast enough to beat out most of Azazel's moves... so just whored out his juggles. There was no ending though... there were credits and a Time Attack ranking but that's all. Figure the CGI will come with the PS3 port.
  2. GC should get on Live and join the (nonexistant) party~
  3. He looks like a "g"? What does that mean? You've gotta be kidding me...
  4. IDE? You mean ELF? Basically anything that can boot an ELF for you on the PS2 will do the job- you can just put the file on a USB drive and plug it in and boot it from there. Also barely any PS2 games use DVD9 and almost none of the ones that do are actually more than 4 or 5GB. So space is not an issue- most are sub 1GB. Dumping to the HD is faster than burning discs if you connect it up the IDE cable and use WinHiip too. Finally it cuts on drive wear, but if you don't care about that the load times are insanely better and avoids the need to swap discs ever.
  5. AxL- you cannot run HDLoader on a Slim PS2. It's not a matter of compatibility being less or anything- you just cannot run it at all without some crazy aftermarket hardware (Combo). You can use USBExtreme, but it's a completely different program, uses different HDDs and its compatibility is piss poor. Get a Fat PS2 used if at all possible. once you have the exploit on an MC it doesn't even matter if the drive is dead- you can just use HDLoader and be up and running.
  6. 1) You need another exploit, or action replay, or access to a modded PS2 so that you can put it on a card. 2) You need a Network Adapter as well to connect the HDD. How cheap you find one on eBay is down to pure luck.. I paid quite a bit for mine and that was almost 2 years ago.
  7. Not sure. GGPO + FBA would be the way to go if you wanted to play online. Welcome to the forums and btw, you spelled your sig wrong.
  8. The Independence Exploit needs a PSX disc in the drive on bootup to work. This one does not, therefore in theory you don't need to use your laser at all if you have a HDD installed. This is good for all the people with Fat PS2s whose lasers have died- they couldn't trigger the Independence Exploit.
  9. The catch with this is, so far at version 1.4, disc access is still disabled while the exploit runs. So Swap Magic will load, but the disc motor will not spin up. I gather this is on the WIP list of things to fix.
  10. This is the FreeVAST project, just renamed. And yeh, it works on all PS2 models.
  11. This news is 3 weeks old, so don't think I'm unaware of that. Basically this is an ELF that you can put on your 8MB Sony Memory Card that will allow you to boot any homebrew you want at startup on an otherwise unmodded PS2. This can be a Swap Magic-like program, HDLoader, SMS or anything else. You can even get it to boot uLaunchELF, which is basically just a menu for you to select one of your homebrew instead of having just one boot automatically. I've used it, it works, and would write this up with quotes and whatnot except I cannot be F'ed. So yeh if you're using the Independence Exploit, trade up to this and avoid using your disc drive completely. The catch actually is that disc access is disabled while this exploit runs. Here's the thread; http://www.console-exploits.com/forums/sho...ad.php?p=104485 Here's the link to the files; http://www.console-exploits.com/forums/sho...ad.php?p=104485 One more thing; if you have no idea about PS2 homebrew please don't ask me. I'm just posting this for everyone who has their PS2 solutions set up and may not have been following the scene to notice this getting released.
  12. Well Wii has the same capacity for BC as the PS3- entirely software. It emulates all its VC systems in software, just like the PS3 does. In fact, the original PS3 units had hardware BC, which was even better.
  13. I suppose those guys who bought the bundle with the DualShock 3 would get by without it.
  14. Agreed. Despite what that moron on the Bonus Round said, this does not need to be majorly reworked to run on a 360.
  15. The beta stress test will contain Ryu and Ken playable only, will have online player match only (no arcade mode) and will feature only Ryu and Ken's stages. It will last 8 weeks from the date it starts. When the game is officially released, the official demo will likely include the first 3 matches of Arcade mode and 2 characters (Ryu and one other) and will be an unlimited demo. This is judging from other XBLA demos, Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting in particular.
  16. You finish the game? I was kinda broken after the 1st boss battle. Will find time to continue on Yeh- check my achievements I've beaten most of the optional end-game bosses too. I'm looking forward to Lost Odyssey 2 now.
  17. It's worth finishing.. the first 2 discs will be hard to sit through but things do pick up gradually toward the end. Some boss battles on Disc 3 will be so hard that you will break something nearby before finishing them.
  18. True but there are no other battles like the first one throughout the rest of the game. In fact there isn't anything as exciting or on such a large scale as Lost Odyssey's intro. I still love the game
  19. But in a way it was good because instead of grinding to finish the game you just had to hunt down and stock rare spells like Death, Pain and Ultima. Which was a bit more interesting since I hate grinding. On the other hand I played VIII before VII and I absolutely love the Materia system even though I like VIII as a game more overall.
  20. You just need to extract the actual roms (ISOs) from the archives youve got. Then you can run them in Magic Engine, although you might need to use some virtual drive program to get the analogue audio working right.
  21. The sh!t performance and all round being a watered down FF. That and the nonsensical storyline.
  22. CoD1 was one of the first WW2 shooters. Was good. CoD2 was more of the same but still good. CoD3 was made by different devs, was console only, and was trash. CoD4 saved the series and was made by Infinity Ward once again. CoD5 won't be.
  23. I've been eBaying some.. but the prices get ridiculous. Haven't seen an iBook G3 or G4 go for anything less than $450AUD.
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