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  1. well this character works for me try renaming the folder and the .def file inside the folder to something simple like gouki or akuma
  2. selectnotepad? heres what you need to do open the select.def file (found in the data folder) in a text editor such as notepad or word and follow the instructions on how to add a character written in there
  3. http://albinoblacksheep.com/flash/posting.php this should be a sticky in every forum lol
  4. there is no rom requesting alowed here plus you revied a 2 year old topic...
  5. http://dr4ch1r.mgbr.net/ the site is curently down though
  6. well make sure that the system.def is actually in that folder and that folder in the data folder
  7. ahhh for that you would need to recompile the .sff file just use a different screenpack for the time being I recomend Eve
  8. post the error message you got when you tried to load mugen
  9. well basicly there are usually files in the screenpack with .fnt extention (eg. example.fnt) you would need to copy those files into your font folder found in the mugen root folder
  10. there should be a readme that tells you how. just in case there is n't one after extracting it put the folder containing all the files in the data folder copy all the .fnt files to the font folder then referce the system.def file corectly in mugen.cfg(found in the data folder) so if my screnpack is in the folder called Cvs2b I would refernce it like below ; Not accessible in options screen motif = data/Cvs2b/system.def
  11. egaman_zer0 attacked Dark_Ansem with a Bat (5 str) and took off 21! Dark_Ansem has 9 HP left! Dark_Ansem counterattacks with a Knife (3 str) and takes off 1! megaman_zer0 has 65 HP left! You gain: 4 EXP points!!!! Congratulations you've went up a level!!!! Your Max Hp went up by 3 and your Max Strength went up by 5. Welcome
  12. wii is what im getting its the most intresting one to me
  13. that character is hosted on Random Select
  14. If I have a pen in my hand I put it in my pocket those vids where cool btw
  15. could just be you double clicked or hit the enter key one to many times
  16. downloading a 534kb file thats supoesd to be 100s of MB and actually clicking on it o_O
  17. 1. make sure that when you open the characters folder the .def file is in there 2. make sure the Name of the folder is exactly the same as the name of the .def file inside 3. open the .def file in notepad and make sure all the files in the folder are referenced correctly
  18. Chrono trigger Guilty Gear Final Fantasy VII
  19. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18559 refer to this link
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