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  1. I remember days of 99 cent a gallon but that had to be at least 15 or more years ago when I was a kid
  2. I started playing DA:O on the pc and loved the game instantly. The insane difficulty and rpg elements had me hooked. About 10 deaths in, it started to get a little tedious but I continued on. My first character was a warrior and I didn't build him right and I didn't know tactics so I had to learn fast. Fast forward three semi cleared game runs and I'm still hooked. I recently bought the collectors edition on ps3 which included the expansion and all the dlc so I'm going to replay the game again just with a controller instead of mouse and kb. I haven't heard any reviews or watched any gameplay about da 2 but I love the game and will be starting 2 soon. Also I started mass effect on the pc and about 20 mins in, I got bored. I keep hearing good things about the game so I will not miss it up but it didn't grab me like others.
  3. That sucks man, I live 25 mins away from a Newegg warehouse so I get things within 2 days. Its heaven
  4. Nice to see you guys are playing Mvc3, add me onps3 if your in the area for a friendly match. I plan on making some constant lobbies once they get spectator mode working
  5. If thats the case we would still be running xmvsf. That game was broken as hell and they had the nerve to say Mvc2 wasnt as bad as that. I love xmvsf and that needs to be at evo again Oh your gonna buy it, so stop all this nonsense. I only played tvc when it was a japanese game I didnt understand at all. I should download it and play it on my pc just to see how bad it is now that the american version is here MM was stupid but thats another story.
  6. I'm the silent assassin baby, ooooo oooooo. Usually I speak with my joystick and not with my words but I'm getting old Now people put my diaper on for me and point me on my way
  7. Bout time you came back here, I've been more active than you and thats saying something
  8. Just finished watching Batman under the red hood and it was great. I'm loving all the new Dc Movies their releasing
  9. Its summer time nothing you can really do besides more fans or trying another location. My gpu temps are usually in the 70s at max load and all of a sudden now I'm spiking at 110 when all of my other temps are about the same. I have a 9600gt which has some problems already but the card has been rock solid until this summer. I'll be switching out to an aftermarket fan just cause I dont want any damage in the future if its not the summer. No crashes or freezing either even at that high of a temp
  10. I'll be the first to say that when I first saw it, I would like wtf is this and no no no go back to the old marvel. Change is good and expected so I'm trying to give it a chance rather than just slam something I know nothing about. The art direction isn't my cup of team and I really didnt care for tvc but its marvel baby so what can I say. If marn, justin and the rest of the pros say its pretty good and like mvc2 then its good enough for me
  11. Like I said at least wait for the demo
  12. quoted so when you buy this and I'm smashing you online, you can say nothing. Get off the high horse man and at least wait to see how it plays when a demo is released.
  13. ^THIS Man it's about fucking time someone agreed with what I've been thinking ever since I saw that damn trailer. But no, echoman and many others knew this was the wet dream they been dying for. It was one of my dream game but at the time, I was too young and did not disregard the compatibility of each game and the core elements of both franchise. I stress this enough when I talked to my friends and I'll say it again.. you can't mix chicken(Tekken) with SSF4 engine, IT JUST DON'T WORK LIKE THAT. Sure, Namco x Capcom isn't a fightng game, but that worked sort of like Cross Edge and other crossover RPG games. Now here's what's been bothering me, both games are nothing alike. That's my statement and I stand by it. They are completely different fighting games; different design, controls scheme, core gameplay, music, etc. Now how can anyone accept the fact that a game like Chicken, each char donning a moveset of 50-90 can possibly be nailed down to a limited of 6 or more? I just can't see that works. More of the fact that Chicken has always been synonymous with it's footsies into juggle games and the series has escalated with extended combos; OTG juggles, wall combos, stage collapse juggles. Let's not forget the series after T4 has always encourage you to learn juggles and the series continue to improvise on better juggles for ridiculous damage. You take a simple fighting game like Street Fighter in collaborating with a game like Chicken which is to many true fighting gamers knew the complications/complexity of mastering the game; hard learning curve for matchups, timing execution, etc is no comparison whatsoever. So now, I suppose to buy into the fact that experimenting street fighter characters which to me is a joke. And.. what's this? a tag helper system? Rival school anyone? Really. I'm sick of these new capcom games. These experiments one after the other has been a flop for me ever since Vanilla SF4 was out. Ono is an idiot if he thinks this is what he should be working on for the next 2 years and ignore the fact that he has mentioned of a new Darkstalkers/Vampire Saviour sequel. This idea of putting two different games in is completely out of proportional and I'm just gonna be shaking my fucking head throughout this developement process. Thanks a lot Crapcom! p.s can someone link me to the Mahvelnoku vs capcom.. err I mean Marvel vs. Capcom 3 thread? I've been boycotting the game for a long while, I might want to get some hate off my chest. p.s.s @echoman, you're an idiot. Picked and chose what I read but as I always tell you boo!!! Have a little life in you man, if the game sucks it sucks. Let us in our fantasy world dream and ponder how great this is going to be without you spoiling the party. Yes realistically this is combining two totally different games with two totally different styles but c'mon I need something to be excited about. Sheesh fighting games are almost dead to me, I would like to relive some of my days when I was hyped over one. P.S. Mag your an ass
  14. I have awaited a crossup like this forever but I have my doubts its not going to be a success because of the downfalls both series have gone through the past couple releases. I love tekken with all my heart but I have not had that love since tekken tag tournament was released. I somewhat felt that love again after playing Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection but T6 just totally killed it for me. Same thing goes with sf, I was a huge fan of 3s (3rd strike) and a3 (Alpha 3) and I even liked Cvs2 (Capcom vs Snk2) even though I couldn't play that game for the life of me. I bought sf4 and eh, it was ok but it didnt have that same feel. Same thing goes for ssf4, I bought it, played awhile and now I dont pop it in the system anymore. If I was to buy either one of these two titles, it would most likely be on the Namco side.
  15. and to think I thought this was a cologne/perfume thread, lol. Didn't stay out in the sun or do anything crazy with anything or anyone so I'm still smelling like polo black
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