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  1. type it in google its currently at version 0.1 nut it should be released sometime in september
  2. Hety gryphon claw you got a problem you little as you say "flocker"? Well kiss my ass! This topic was not ment for critisizations (especially by you) so just stay in yo corna and suck yo balls of mother flocker ; (what the hell are BITCHES like gryho claw doin here)
  3. yah, you might be right but its kina hard to find psp emulators ya know.already fr ps2 emulation it took me almost a month and a half to understand it and another month to find out how to read and extract isos
  4. I GOT MY FIRST PSP ISO:ssx on tour ON A PSP EMULATOR BUT...... IT"S INCREDIBLY SLOW!!!!!!!!!! My system Pentium D (3.2 ghz times 2) geforce 7800 gt (gigabyte technology) 512 mb 1024 RAM DVD-RW triple layer (also reads CD) asus motherboard 1 terabyte SATA (hard disk) I seriously dont get why with a seriously expensive computer case it's still SLOW. I even raised the frames per second to 330> I even used direct X combined with 9c and Fx> even the pixel shader 4.5 didn't do crap> could you guys help me? Pretty please!!?
  5. get it from -bleep- http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/7210/zankuro.jpg[/img] Mod's Edit: Please read the damn rules next time
  6. hello im new here its a good honor to be a member of 1emu I'm tarkanX's brother you guys know him right?
  7. HEY GUYS i'm new here I'm tarkanX's brother its pretty cool to be a member to 1emu
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