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  1. It seems a PS3 developer's post about his experience with the PS3 was deleted in a post he made... click here
  2. Unless you watch hidef video you really won't see the difference, it really doesn't even make much of a difference when watching dvd movies in progressive although it IS a big difference. I actually just watched some 720p and 1080i encodes recently and wet myself at the quality, it's SO beautiful!
  3. Read the full article with pictures @ http://www.tvpredictions.com/catwatcheshdtv011606.htm -------------------------------- I'd have to say I think it's really just comical. The guy obviously only has an HDTV, so where's the comparison to see how the Cat would react with the same channel on a non-HDTV televison? HDTV is not really that different to regular TV. Simply, HDTV is a joke and one big money making scheme. I guarentee you the same Cat would watch TV and do the same thing if the Television was not HDTV compatible, but same size. IMO, it only matters in what the channel is showing. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> @ Gamecop: I'm going to be laughing for the next hour at that statement you just made, you obviously know nothing about resolutions, that's like saying playing a game in 1280x720 will be the same as 640x480... @ other dude: That's true and chances are they can see it being broadcasted in interlaced or progressive, there's a refresh difference and I'm 99% certain they can tell, interlaced shows half the image (every other line) progressive shows the full image
  4. what is the scph numbers on your unit and are you willing to sell it cheap? i also have one for sale, let me know if you want it, new style slimline ps2 w/ dms4lite chip in it
  5. if you don't apply the romeo fix to that v9 the LA chip is going to burn out and render your system useless, contact an installer somewhere and ask if they can do a romeo mod on your unit
  6. OT: Wow dude...that sucks, I don't think he made the thread for people to be sad I don't like when relationships end, it's pointless you went out with them for a reason and the love never leaves no matter how much you think...I would sit her down and just talk with her...Have you done that recently? Just talked...nothing imparticular...Try it, may help I know sometimes it really helps to just talk about random stuff...
  7. - Brown/Brunette - Brown/Hazel/Black - Got some meat - Average Legs - [b-D's] Breasts - Easy going - Likes video games - likes me for who I am - Medium to Big Size Gluteus Maximus All in all the girl I've been with the last year Yay me...
  8. I've been on and off for a few months, anyone at all play this? I'm a Level 11 WAR right now
  9. Heh...Not as many as I should...maybe 2-3 times a week, I don't go anywhere anyway so it's not like I sweat up a storm, but anytime I go out into what's known as "the world" I clean myself up for good presentation
  10. Don't worry about doing any laser fix except the summ0ne fix, information located here: http://www.ps2-scene.org/forums/showthread...?t=30611&page=1
  11. That is illegal software that is for official developers only. Please do not discuss it on these forums please.
  12. Has anyone else confirmed this? Thanks for this information by the way!
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