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  1. maybe thats a fake.but the image looks clear,and its from BillyJR site,I have to trust it for once.
  2. now i get it every1 I use K-loader but no rom cause mine is a fake.
  3. Actually,GC,I Can Join The Tornerment.But I Got SS5 39,598KB And I Can Get It To RUn On Winkrawks.
  4. lol jun urs FTP link on sVc chaos news does not work 4 me I personally don't like FTPs If you wanna contribute,Give us a file that have all that we need and no FTPs.
  5. yup,its a mystery that playmore makes MS5.who knows,maybe all the files is a fake.
  6. How can u use SS5 On Winkrawks?Can Anyone TEach ME?Thx
  7. I don't understand what you say about "real". Because you can find : SVC Plus (svcplus.zip) : dump of a bootleg PCB version ; it's hacked for "Plus" text & enabled hidden chara at select screen ; SVC Bootleg (svcbl.zip) : comes from the dump of SVC Plus ; hex edited to remove "Plus" text & enabled hidden chara at select screen. It's a version like the original SVC, but with the latest P1 rom Rockman Zero special move reset of the game bug stays when "Blood" is enabled. I Want sVc :Chaos The One U Can Find In Arcade
  8. hey,did any1 got a SS5 filesize 39,598? got it and i put into the NRX file,I put import but it did not show SS5.IS it corrupted or something? thx for the reply. PS i download from www.mame.cl/samsho5
  9. yup konabi22 is a 'Santa Claws'an evil side of Santa Claus But thanks thanks thanks!!!
  10. well,I want the zip,not rar.if u got the zip,can u please post the link?thx.
  11. urgh.I m sick and tired of asking and lurking on the forum.what i want is sshodown5.zip and I don't wanna D/L Winrar and others.so anyone?
  12. Now I Get It James And Where can u D/L sVc Chaos The Real Version
  13. Hey GC,That Is A Discontinued PSX Emu.Have You Got Others?
  14. At Least Icarus Is Coming A Few Years LAter,Thats What NG Emu Said...
  15. someone...sVc Chaos The Real Version For NRX...I need The sVc Chaos Zip(Not Plus Or Something)and James I Have D/L Ur File.What The Hell Should I Do?
  16. Then,We Should Have A Poll!
  17. Carsh?Do U Mean That It Make Some Of The Pic Of Ur Desktop Black/Blue?
  18. I can do marco,cause i configure over it in FBA.
  19. not real,I suppose ur friend rom is street fight:the third strike.
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