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  1. lol,how can i give to u when i m in Singapore?and I consider you as a rip-off if I give u the BSD card,Fusion Material And Polymerization,but you did not trade the cards or even buy it.
  2. I'LL Like To Ask,If Anyone Of You Know Romsource,The Forum???That Is The 1st Forum I Have Been To.Recently It Has Been Down And I Have Been Trying To Find It. Thanks,Tidus P.S The Webmaster Is Called Cricket,and My User There Is Called Lan But Changed To Harry Potter.
  3. I Knew That Long Ago.And There Is A Beta Which Cost 10MB And You Cannot Jump,You Just Walk.
  4. Well,HM Are called As Hidden Techques.My Best Remember On HM 05 Surf That You Need To Get It In The Safari Zone. Hope That Helps.-Tidus
  5. Whats Blue Screen of Death?Do U Have A Virus?
  6. Tidus Form FF,Because When I First Saw It,I Take A Liking And I chose Him. Funny,huh?
  7. Of Course,As sVc Plus Is just A Bootleg.NRX Cannot Emulate Bootleg.The Real One Most Probally Will Be Out Soon,And When The Time When It Came Out,NRX Can Emulate The Real ROM.=)
  8. Uh,I Better Not Risk It As We Do Not Know When RIAA Will Sue Me. -Tidus
  9. Aww I don't want to be sued by RIAA and it is the song by Savage Garden.-Tidus
  10. Is There A Hacked Version For Neorage X,If Yes,Please Post A LinkWinkrawaks Struck In My Win XP And Annoying Missing Files And Like GameCop said,Wait For A Week And I Had Already Done That.-Tidus
  11. Any One Please Help Me To Find This Song:The Animal Song.Any Help Will Be Appreciated. -Tidus
  12. Erm..I Need A CPS1 And CPS2 Emulator For My Win XP.Krawk And Nebula Is S*** When Emulating On My win XP.All I Got Is A Pop-Up Stating That Some Part Missing.Coontinue?And When I Click Continue,The Screen Went All Black And Then Recover.So,A Good CPS1+CPS2 Emulator That emulates On Win XP Will Help. -Tidus
  13. Forget To Add: K':Cause His Move Is Superb K9999:Lol...His Hand can cheat =P
  14. Thanks GameCop. I'll Wait For The Realease.-Tidus
  15. Marvel Vs Capcom/Metal Slug 4/Metal Slug 3/The House Of The Dead
  16. If The Real SVC Chaos Is Out,Can Someone Post The Link Here? I Badly Need It. -Tidus
  17. Kyo-Moves Very Good And Cool Iori-Also Has Good Move And Cool Kusanagi-Clone Of Kyo.Interesting.
  18. Someone Please Get me A Real SVC Chaos ROM I Don't Want The Bootleg One And I don't Use Nebula Or Winkrawk As It Struck On My Windows XP so If Someone Has The Real Version Of SVC Chaos Which You can Run On Neorage X,Please Post The Link. -Tidus
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