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  1. Answer Is: YES! Micheal Jackson's A Big,Big,Molester.
  2. Well,Is The ROM For NeoRage X Out Now?I Have Been Waiting 4 Ages... Hope It Comes Out Already.
  3. Goto A Web That Has Samurai Shodown 2&4.Then,Put The File Into The Extracte d NeoRageX Emulator And Ta-dah!You Are Finished Thats What I Do But Download A Zip Folder.
  4. well,A Good Way Is To Attract More Members At A Popular Forum,But We Do Not Know Wheather They Spam Or nOt.Or One Thing is still go to a popular forum,if you saw a non-spammer,PM him/her.
  5. Hello! Nebula And Winkrawks Does Not Work On My Windows XP,You Know.
  6. Yup,Those Attendents should change their attidudes and the arcade machines.the arcade aren't owned by them,so why should they be rude,and,customers first.
  7. Cinder,I Know Now That The MAME Runs IN Windows XP But You Need To Use It From Command Promt And One Thing:What Do U Type At The CP?
  8. Yes,But The attendant was a old man,I asked,he just act as there is notthing happening :cry:so I wished for a sVc NeoRage X Version will be out.And one thing:do not play spoilt arcade machines!
  9. Well,It Is.The CD Code Is Hard To Crack,But Finally someone Crack It,And They Have Lost Hope.Every Thing That Nintendo Make Is Going To Be Emulated,So That Shows That The Nintendo Crew Are A Bunch Non-Thinkers,And They Might As Well Don't Produce Games.As Like I Said,Every Thing That Nintendo Make Is Going To Be Emulated(So Bye Nintendo!)=P
  10. Well,I Went To The Local Acade,Top-Up My Arcade Card,And Ready To Play. But When I Saw sVc chaos,I Was Shocked.Such A Good Game!And I Put My Arcade Card Inside The Machine,And When My Arcade Card Pop-Up,I Tried Playin' sVc.But,The Stupid Arcade Machine Would Not Let Me Press Start.
  11. Err?Isn't The Evil Boss Suppose To Be Called Rolly?Cause It Says There Er Gui Luo Li(Chinese)And I M A Chinese,I Understand It.
  12. Err,James,The Page says:SvC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom (P) Programa 269-p1.bin (M) Z80 269-m1.bin (V) Samples 269-v1.bin, 269-v2.bin, 269-v3.bin, 269-v4.bin © Graficos 269-c1.bin, 269-c2.bin, 269-c3.bin, 269-c4.bin, 269-c5.bin, 269-c6.bin, 269-c7.bin, 269-c8.bin (S) Textos 269-s1.bin Otros ¿Qué hace cada archivo? 269-m1.bin Corrige unos errores con los sonidos del juego (en continua actualización) 269-p1.bin Corrige unos errores del dump. Which Do I D/L??? Thx In Advance.
  13. Hey James,Where Do U Get The Real sVc ROM?Can You Give Me The Link?Thx In Advance.
  14. Well,The 1st Time I Was scared Still,The Stupid Argreement make Me Deleted My Almost Complete Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets For GBA.Was About To Finish The Basillik And When Then Deleted It.Preety Stupid To Belive That.
  15. Well,Its Stupid,But Some People Like It.
  16. Please Do Upload It And Like James Said,Is It sVc Chaos Or sVc Plus???
  17. Well,It Could Be Uniquq.But I m Trying To Find RS,As Its My First Forum.
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