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  1. Wish list: MegaMan X1-7(LOL Tommorow Is My Birthday) $$$ GC GBA DC Thats All
  2. I Lose Things Very Often,Like 3 Day A Time,Poor Me...
  3. Highlight To Decode: I Will Go See LOTR.
  4. Highlight To Decode: Lets Speak Binish.
  5. Yup,Take It As Early XMas Celebration And Make 1 As My Birthday Present As My Birthday Is Tommorow.(Yay!!!)
  6. Lol,I Heard That Saddam Is Going To Be (XP)By The 7th Month,Next Year.Haha
  7. Currently:Shaman King Looking For:Saint Seiya Someone Help Look 4 It
  8. Yay,Thanks gandalfrockman,and Violence Why Is K' Outfit Colour and hair clour is same as Kula's?I bet u use Photoshop...
  9. I Get Struk On These:When I m In The Down Area,I met Shademan.Then On GAmefaqs Board A Person Made A Mini-Faq And Says That Follow The Path.So: Numba 1:Is It The Place Where There Is A Ladder And A Teleport Pad? Numba 2:Is It The Place That Had A Sub-Chip Dealer???(I m Not Talking About The Area 3) Thx In Advance.
  10. cause 11 minutes the guy completed the game.
  11. welcome gamer,fellow Singaporeans.and I m a kiddo,ya know,a P5 kiddo
  12. Guess What?Rockman Battle Network Aka EXE Has Been Realeased!Check This Out:Click Here Hope You Enjoy It. Tidus
  13. Well,In Others Words,MJ's A Molester.I Wonder Why He Quit The JAckson's Five Last Time.Poor Him And (Haha) His White Face Shows A Black Nose
  14. Its Not,But DBZ:Taiketsu IS Coming Out
  15. Click Here User:Amardu Password:elifecyber
  16. I m Tidus, From Singapore,Using Emulator Few Years Ago,And Now Currently Using Snes9x,NRX,VBoy Advanced,And Lots More.
  17. Yup,You Are Right,Although NRX Author Stop Realeasing It,Its Still A Good Emulator.Its Still Got Fans,Too,Include Me,So Thats Why I Want A NRX Support sVc Chaos.
  18. Correction:Its In Japanese.
  19. Aww,Is NRX So Unpopular?Cause I Only Know How To Use NRX,Don't Reccomand Me With Some crap Like Nebula,Krawk,cause I Really Wanted To Play sVc no need to be like that and i never was going to tell you to use nebula kawaks while many are playing this game you are missing out as you do not wish to learn how to use other emulators .. thats not my fault now is it... Well,Sorry Bout That,Cause I Don'tReally Wanna Left Out In sVc Chaos.
  20. Aww,Is NRX So Unpopular?Cause I Only Know How To Use NRX,Don't Reccomand Me With Some crap Like Nebula,Krawk,cause I Really Wanted To Play sVc
  21. I Got That,It Is A Bootleg Of NES But Mine HAd Spoilt And I HAd My Best memmory of My Life. When I was 7,My Dad,Joking At A Nearby Restaruant Said That If I Drop My Tooth There And I Will Received A Bootleg(Console,He Said)And I Begin To Make My Teeth Loose. And Sure Enough,It Dropped.My Dad Had No Choise But To Buy Me The Bootleg.It Was Not The Same Design,But It Also Include A Gun The Bootleg Has Contra,Mortal Combat,And Lots More.
  22. Disoblidge I Wanna Be Tidus.Be In A Comic Is Kool.
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