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  1. James, When Are u going to upload the Svc set? thx.
  2. How Did Ya Make It Work In FBA I Heard That U Need Neo Geo BIO can U gimme the BIO?
  3. well no but thx Edit:Where Did Ya Find All Those Links In Premium Members Section
  4. oh.thanks.But when u got a good PSX Site,can u PM Me the link?cause I am going into PSX GAming.Thx.
  5. I Was Thinking,Since I Have Soooooooooooooooo MAny ISO I Wanted,I Shall Then Rip Disc.But,The Problem IS,I am A n00b Coming to rip and I don't even know how to rip PSX Disc!!!So,Any Guardiance Will Be Appreciated.
  6. why dont you use dap whats dap loay and u r good in Premium Members Section many ROM link hope you will Post more good links soon.Tidus.
  7. Well,Just Now I Goto NeoGamz And D/L The Newest Emu NRX Which Play Mslug5nd. But,I Replace The P1 on NeoGamez And I Can't USe The ROM! So Can Anyone MAke A Zip Which Got Everything In It Including The Emu? THx.
  8. That Rock.And Genesis Can U Mind Telling Me The Kyo Kusanagi Move To Do The Ultra Desperation?Don't Gimme QCF,Cause I Can't Read Them.YThx.
  9. I Don't Have 1,MSN Messsager? Me Can Also Yahho.Mine Yahoo! Account is Huang19921219 Tirple EDIT:I Can Also Host The ROMS.I Will Regiester LAter And It 100MB For You can be careful the Transfering can take u up to a long time,as it is around 40+MB,or u can make it a zip.
  10. too big for email then what do u suggest ?
  11. Nooooooooooooo!That IS A Virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Get My Com Shut Down After I Have D/L That sVC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hey James,I Don't Have sVc:Chaos ROM.Would Ya Mind Sending Me An Email Or Sumthing?Mine Email IS Tornado_Jay@Hotmail.com
  13. hey Agozer If u don't mind I need your P1 ROM cause mine can't run in my NRX H1
  14. lol Agozer I said 'NES' not SNES
  15. MMX4 Vitual Cop Bomberman(It r0x) MMX3
  16. There Is Currently NO Krawk Version Running MSLUG5.
  17. Well,I Have A Big,Big Question On NES.Can NES ROM From Computer Burn To NES Cardridge ?
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