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  1. finally peeled myself away from it... anyone have links for ssv.zip?? that one is already setup for kawaks and kaillera...
  2. Balerophan: PLZ give me the links for these sites I have several spanish ones with pics in my watch list, but If you would post them maybe a few arent in my list, every site counts!!! Plus I speak a little bit of spanish so between that and babelfish I can usually figure out what is being said.
  3. hmmm.. james.. I think it's time to call in a third party becuase all my dats ARE up to date. it might be possible that my ungodly strict win2003 security setting are preventing it from installing/running. And all 3 of the machines I tested with were running win2k3(in myopinion the best OS ever). but I still find it hard to beleive that you are the only person in the entire internet who knows about it. So I want to see some other people run a scan, then install shareaza, then run another scan, and post any discrepancies.
  4. First sorry for the lack Of posts... my computer is dying...bad powersupply and mobo is now half fried, Getting it to run is difficult and even then time frames are uncertain.... I'll have to wait till cristmas, doing a full overhual then anyway. Yes, ngtools will probably be the first WEBSITE to host it. personally I think emuneo reeks of scam. but I can see that people have been passing it around to their buddys on the condition that it not be passed to anyone else. They arent gonna do that over a website. watch ftps... watch channels, and dc hubs. James, I can find NO eveidence anywhere that shareaza has any spyware or adware... YOUR posts are athe only thing I can find...... so I'm going to have to say you have a very weird peice of spyware or something, becuase it definitley isn't in shareaza I've tried it on 3 different computers now. I dunno about the guitar that could be a while! Its a SWEEET lookin guitar!
  5. James : I've tried to replicate your problem twice now with no luck and I can't find any spyware with ad-aware or pest-patrol. So it isn't in shareaza. I would check all the websites you frequent since the summary says it can be installed in drive-by-download advertisements. It's also possible that you have an altered version of the installer. I seem to remember some of those floating around. Neo-Ghost: We dont have it yet.... Your more than welcome to help us look though. Right now I have a nice long watch List I'm checking three times a day, of sites/channells/servers where it will prolly appear first. As soon as I get my hands on it. It WILL be here! No luck so far.. but I do not give up easily!
  6. Spyware In Shareaza? Sorry but I'm going to need to see some proof that can be duplicated on that accusation, I have never seen any spyware or third party software in shareaza. I looked pretty hard. Alot of people have. No-one found anything. I Have never seen it generate any non-standard traffic No-one else has Either. And if you have proof to the contrary I, as well as many others, would like to see it. If you do, thanx in advance! If you Don't, check your facts better! EDIT: 2 things I forgot! 1. I'm going out of town for a bit. So I will be unable to post for a couple days. 2. Shareaza's Homepage is: http://shareaza.com
  7. I've been involved in searching for obscure or rare files since... well geez it's been a LOOOONNg time I can't even remember..... lets just say pre-internet. So I'd like to think I'm close to an expert. and while at this point searching seems unlikely to find it before the release, it will help us find the VERY first places it will be on release. This means We will be able to get it FAST when it is releaed.
  8. OOOHHH sorry I should have worded that better rag, I can CONFIRM the BillyJr part 100%!!!! I meant the site you saw that had a spot all set up, didnt have it yet and wanted a pass. I figured you were talking about emuneo. The operator claims over and over that his sight is not a scam.... which is usually a big tipoff that its a scam... then wants you to call a phone (900 I'm assuming) number....with your modem...using his dialer software....then you get a pass to download his roms... Anyone else smell a rat? If its another site please post a link and I will add it to my evergrowing watch list! Must balance angrys with smilies!!!
  9. RAG: I assume your talking about emuneo, personally I think the place reeks of scammer IT COULD BE LEGIT, but personally I think hes fulla bs. To James: NGTOOLS is alredy in my list of watch sites but thank you anyway. Viruses I could care less about that is of no concern they are usually obvious and yes most of them are on other p2p networks. What is of concern is the nature of the kazzaa network and to a lesser extent kazzaaa lite. It makes it very easy for the owner of the network to track which files originated where. IT IS NOT A HEADLESS NETWORK!!!! this is contrary to what sharman would have people beleive... but it's true. I won't even get into the whole spyware mess as first of all, k-lite negates MOST of it, and second of all it's been done to death. Besides that it is the most inefficient system out there right now. At the moment it has more content. This is becuase it is easier to use, easier to find, and has ALOT of financial horsepower. Try shareaza, still easy to use,8 out of 10 times has what your looking for, ALWAYS FASTER, and connects to multiple clients. NOTE: Shareaza Is not necesarily the best client out there but it is easy to use. I could list my fav clients but this is already WAAAYYY!!! off topic.
  10. Phil any idea where I can get those zips? they may or may not be legit. At this point its safe to say that its out there being passed around on a "I know I can trust so and so not to give it to someone else" basis. Since the files seem to be proliferating, it obviously isnt working (never does) but it is still keeping quiet. for the time being I am now OUT of leads aside from phils post which I will try to track as far as I can! Everyone just keep looking. A number of good sites have spots set up for it just no active links yet. USE NINJA SKILLS TO FIND SAMSHO5!!!!
  11. One step ahead of ya on the emule servers!!!! And yup kaazaa/I-mesh/Etc Are pure trash I recomend anyone who has them delete them imediatley. there are much better ways to get your goods! As far as samsho5 goes theres a collection of texture maps for some german soccer game that people were passing around labeled samshoV.zip and The REAL THING! appears to have been in some yahoo groups at some point, but is no longer there.
  12. Ok, I'm not about to request it, I've spent the last 8 hours tracking it. BUT! I do think it is floating around enough places that it should be possible for someone to get a hold of it soon. List of evidence: 1. LOTS of dead ftp links to a samsho5.zip 2. I saw a game of 'SamSpirit0' in a kaillera channel. 3. LOTS of dead links. 4..DAT files for kawaks loader 1.46 are also floating around. I'm going to try packetnews in a minute here. I know none of those are guarantees there could be some other really popular file named SAMSHO5.zip and kaillera games names can be easily modified, It could have been people just screwing around their dat file to mess with people. At any rate, If I find it I WILL post it here First!
  13. Hello, I'm relativley new to this site, but not at all new to emulation, been involved for about 10 years now. will be happy to help fill rom requests.
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