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  1. Yes and after I D/L the P1 ROM do I need to replace the original P1 ROM?Thx.
  2. hey this is a porn or known as hentai link!don't go there!
  3. well anyone got its WaRez So u can share the joy?
  4. Maybe Their The Women Relatives lol
  5. Virtual Boy?Red Dragon Is The Emu.
  6. Thats Kool An X-Box With MP3 Might Wanna Play Some Chinese Song lol
  7. paly Zelda in where???? In An Emu I Could Make Zelda Appear Unless Someone theach me how to do an Emu...
  8. its a Big,Big disgrace to can't play zelda.but thats that.
  9. Well,No One Announced It
  10. cause u can run some games un-supported by ur PC.so Solidus where do u get it I am hungry for the thing
  11. Grandia? Oh Well I Will Try To Find It for You.
  12. I Think it had Agozer...correct me if i am wrong.head to ******* now.
  13. lol Homer...a no ammo man can also fightand with no SP power
  14. never even haerd of it but would like to try goto some shareware of it???
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