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  1. I stop paying attention to 1emu and get addicted to World of Warcraft, and just LOOK at what I miss. Anyone care to pm me with info as to how one might get hooked up? IRC has been most fruitless, and torrentspy was most uninformative. Thanks in advance.
  2. The game is intense. I'm still waiting for those Linux binaries (hurry it up with that demo, id). In the meantime, I hooked a spare Win2K hard drive up to my PC. 2xAthlon MP 1800+ with 768 MB RAM and a GeForce 5700 Ultra 128. Runs very well after some tweaks. The Imps are a lot more formidable in this game. It's generally a bad idea to use a pistol vs. them. Plasma Rifle > Revenants. Chainsaw == suicidal 0wnage. Works great against pinky. I really love the way pinkies look in this game. great overhaul. The lighting in this game continues to pwn me. I spent a whole ten minutes shooting a flashlight that someone left lying on a floor, just to watch shadows dance. OK, time for the tweaks! Look at the properties for your doom 3 shortcut. add +disconnect to the end of the line. it should look something like "C:\..doom3.exe" +disconnect What this does is skips the intro video. More good tricks! look in Doom3\base\ and open the Default.cfg (that's nto the actual name of the file, but I can't remember it off the top of my head. google around on all this stuff and verify it.) Changing the setting "seta image_cachemegs" to a much higher value (I've got mine set to 256) can result in an increased framerate, and make it easier for you to play on the High detail setting. There's two lines to add to the bind section that can map showfps on/off to F10/F11 (or whatever you choose). I liked enabling the player shadow. look through the file, you''ll see the option set to 0. set it to 1 and enjoy some added realism. just google for Doom3 tweaks if you haven't already.
  3. I still just can't see this thing lasting for too long against the DS. If it plays digital audio files, it'll probably only play them in sony's weird new format. If it supports some form of storage, it'll probably only support sony's memory stick (maybe a PS2 memcard, but that's pushin' it). Gotta buy all your fave movies and ported PS1/2 games again. Plays movies in full color, and relies on something with a motor to read information from the storage medium? Kiss battery life goodbye... Then again, I was one of the kinds of people who thought the iPod mini would flop becuase of it's limited storage space. Surprise! Morons bought the gay little pastel PoS's because they thought they looked better, which proved to me once and for all something I should have known... People are stupid and will spend MORE money on something that looks pretty rather than spend some money on something with greater technological/practical merit. Example1: iPod vs. Rio Karma. Example2: Intel vs. AMD. Example3: MS Software vs. the_world.
  4. respect the command line, beeyotch! you just unzip MAME into a folder, and copy all your roms to the %mame%\roms\ folder. then just cd into the folder where MAME resides, and type "mame romname". Or yeah, you could save yourself the trouble of learning some useful information which could assist you somewhat in learning the underlying foundation of your Windows OS-based computer and download a version of MAME with a graphical interface... but where's the fun in that?
  5. Weaponlord (SNES, Published by Namco) KOF2K3 As much as I love the GG series, I don't think I've played it enough to list it. I'm sure I would though if I had played it more.
  6. You're probably going to find out sooner or later why Linux users recommend NVIDIA over ATI: ATI's drivers and support suck. There's some open source drivers for the Radeon cards... dunno how good they are. What you need to do is log in as root, type lspci -vv, and take notes on the hardware listed. Then head over to linuxcompatible.org and see what you can find there. As far as setting up X11... you probably selected KDE as your default window manager/desktop environment during install, so all you need to do now is configure X to use your keyboard, mouse, video card and monitor correctly. Just type xf86config (9.1) or xorgconfig (10.0) and follow the directions. You'll need information such as monitor frequency timings (these should be easy to find... just google for your monitor model). Also, it's important that after you get this set up, you make a new user account for yourself. You should only use root priveleges for installing new programs and adjusting ownership/permission of files every now and again. I believe the program you want to use for this is "adduser". Once you get X configured and your user added, log out and log back in as a non-root user, and then type "startx". You should be in KDE provided X is configured properly.
  7. Very true that, but given that case - why remake a TV show from the 70s to appeal to 5-year old kids? It doesn't make much sense from a marketing standpoint to me Because most kids won't know it's from the 70's, and even though they hear remarks and comments from their parent's they'll still want to go see it. The only reason this movie was made was to make money. Nothing more, nothing less. The Thunderbirds property was there, so that saved someone the trouble of thinking of a time/place/stuff. All that's needed now is a cheap plot riddled with holes and some dumb teenagers desperate to start an acting career, and some dumb execs to green-light it.
  8. Note that I'm not a TB fan at all. That said, I'll stick to pointing out the obvious. --The first sign that this movie will suck: Involvement of a Marketing Department. It's Thunderbirds with human beings for actors. Well, provided you can call what will be seen "acting." --Does it look anything like "Spy Kids?" Yes. Yes it does. Therefore it will suck horribly, as it's made only to impress snot-nosed, noise-making brats with it's horribly weak teaser/trailer. These brats will then insist that their parents take them to see it. And we all know who runs the house these days... kids. Kids with Yu-Gi-Oh cards and every iteration of Pokemon under the sun. Kids who deserve to be tied to a tree and beaten severely. --Does it look anything like "Scooby Doo?" Yes. See the above paragraph, I'm gonna save some typing. More money for Hollywood makes shareholders happy. Flock quality with a steel pole from a chain-link fence welded onto a jackhammer. (and very hard, too!) Meh, I'm sure I could be a little more observant/cynical about this, but there's really no need to. Enjoy the show.
  9. Patience Gryph, patience. LK, you can normally find a Linux equivalent to whatever you usually do with Windows, and projects like WineX are there for the times when you can't. I ran into a problem lately though... some morons calling themselves Volt convinced me that travelling 80 miles a day to replace hard drives in some DELLs was a good idea, and they'd pay me to do it. Well, their timecard is some stupid Excel spreadsheet with auto-calculating fields. It's not very big, but it comes in at a whopping 101KBytes (no joke). There's something up with this thing that keeps it from opening in OpenOffice.org, which is odd, because I've seen OO.o perform most mathematical things that Excel does. Anyways, rather than send me a decent timecard in a non-proprietary format, they insisted I simply e-mail my hours to them. Oh, and the 80 miles a day travel, in a vehicle that gets 12 MPG at a time when gas is costing me $1.80? That's at my cost... they only cover travel expenses from site A to site B. Bastards. Simply put, I'm not taking any more contract offers from them until they can prove to me that they can get their shyte together. UT2K4 had a linux installer on the CD/DVD, and there's going to be a Linux installer released online for Doom3 shortly after the retail release. What exactly id means by "shortly" I don't know, but they delivered on Quake 3, so I'll believe'em for Doom3. Any other questions may have to wait a while. I figure I'll post a rough outline right here, right now. i. Preface 1. Preparing to Install 2. Installing 3. The Setup 4. Know These Commands!! (thy terminal be thy friend) 5. Add Your Non-root account(s) 6. X Windows (Time to Point and Click) 7. Getting to know your Filesystem 8. The WWW (AKA pr0n-get) 9. I Want my P2P 10. The Dirt on DVDs 11. Some cool tricks. 12. Linux to Go (SSH is teh r0x0r) 13. Filling the Void (Acquiring new apps and programs, and installing them) 14. Stay frosty! (Keeping your software up-to-date and secure) 15. Filling more Voids (Flak Monkey!) This is pretty rough, but expect a flow similar to this.
  10. Well, it depends on what arcades you go to. The arcade in the Oglethorpe Mall in Savannah, Georgia has an imported GGXX#R machine. Not in English, of course. I believe that's of questionable legality... Nothing I haven't seen before though. All over Florida you can see arcades with imports of dorky DDR clones, some of them in Korean.
  11. Haven't had time to write it. Been busy and I'm currently surrounded by boxes and computer parts as I prepare to move approx. 75 miles to the northeast, a busy little area called Savannah, Georgia. I've got a lot of ideas for the format and the flow floating around in my head, so expect it to be nice once I get started. I'll try to write 5 chapters before I begin posting it on my little site (notice the WWW button down there). After that, I'll aim for a chapter a week. Concernign the WWW button, I'm ironing out problems with the current design and there's no links at all on that page. That should change as soon as I get all settled in. Don't expect a pleasant visit if you use that steamy mound of crap that is Internet Exploder. I'm designing the site with standards in mind, using PNGs, and even that needs some ironing out right now (I haven't touched it in a month. I'm kinda shocked, myself... I supposedly love web design.)
  12. Well, not match verbatim. That would be like listening to Babelfish singing engrish (running and panicking would be in order and perfectly understandable). It's not unreasonable however to expect the songs to come out with near-identical meanings. The LA album is kinda like the GGX equivalent of the dubbing for Zoids (not a good show by any standard, I use it as an example because of some sort of software they use to slow or speed up the "lip flap", allowing them to write pretty much whatever they want). The most dissappointing example is Holy Orders. The "chorus" is completely off, and sounds kinda goofy. The counterpoint to this example is Keep Yourself Alive, which just plain rocks and completely fits Sol's badassness. As an update, I will say that I'm incredibly pissed that Awe of She didn't make the cut. I love that track.
  13. Yes, it's only you. And on some unmarked day, Some Japanese Guy said "Let there be bullets!" And damn there was some bullets."
  14. Indeed, MK2 is the best of the Lot, followed by DA. I've got DA for the GC, and it's alright. A 3D fighting game that you can't beat simply by picking an Eddy Gordo character and pressing loads of buttons in a rapid random manner, just like in Tekken. Instead, you have to memorize combinations, just like in Tekken. Er, crap. Anyways, worst thing about DA was that Shang Tsung couldn't shapeshift (I guess that's to be expected though, given the limitations of consoles.) Sounds like this new MK is gonna be nice.
  15. If the soundtrack is any indication, this game is gonna rock. I don't understand why some people don't like it... the only tracks that seem out of place are Drumhead Pulsation and Home Sweet Grave (which is annoyingly catchy). This soundtrack sounds closer to the original than the GGXX soundtrack did. BTW -- The Guilty Gear XX in LA Vocals album... it's pretty good. Unlike the 3 Japanese vocal albums, the music is pulled straight from the soundtrack (so the "vocal guitar/instrument" is still present underneath the singing). Only problem I have with it is that the lyrics don't match the original Japanese lyrics at all. Still, they're a pretty good take on it.
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