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  1. @Dis: Ps2 Emu Name Should Be PCSX2,Not PCSC
  2. any admin move this to 'Request A Rom'I am not an admin or Super Mod so I can't move it.
  3. well,as long as It stops,I am Glad.
  4. well,test and test the BIO.I Hope To Create A Page Full Of BIO,All Console.
  5. Agozer Thx I need It Cause,PS2 Emulation.I Wanna Be 'In'
  6. Anyone Got A Link To scph10000 BIO?If YoU Got It,Plz Post The Link Here.Thx
  7. Stupid Me Double Post Did Not See 2nd PG.Lol
  8. lol emsley I don't have I already I just wanted to know the source.
  9. Wow,To Guess N64,Still got some Popularity Over Crowds.
  10. Hey hey,1 Thing,I Use The Photoshop B4,And The Time I was Using The Trail 1 I Did Not Enter The Serial.And I Cannot Use The Photoshop Anymore.So,Any More Photoshop?
  11. Nope,Its Not Coming Out,Whoever said that,is a Big,Big Retard.
  12. It Is Not Out Yet.Big N Haven Realeased It.Oh well.
  13. well,OK.but does any1 had info about Harry Potter and Megaman Legend 2?
  14. well,I have seen its pic at a site but the site is down the site webmaster got that,too.My Friend Also Got That.
  15. You Can't,As NRX Only Lets U Play In Full Screen.
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