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  1. well,I am Not A good Com Pro,A bad 1,Not Like Cinder:lol: Anyway The Problem Is When I Try to Open My Friends Computer It Shows Me A safe Mode safe Mode With... Safe Mode With... Last Known Good Configuration Open windows Normally when I try To Open window normally,the XP Screen Boot Up And Then return me Back To The Compaq Title screen And When I Try Last Known Good Configuration,I Said That....../... Is Coprupted,Absent Or... and I wait And It Says Memory...And I can't Use The Restart Button(Ctrl,Alt,Delete)And Press Esc And every Single Button And The ....../... Is Coprupted,Absent Or... Screen Is Blue what Can I Do?
  2. www.filemirrors.com an typo svcplus the last 1 at the btooom
  3. zip then all up? do u mean unzip them?
  4. lol I just ask my sister friend to lend me Starcraft...Install It And Put The Serial Code And Play That Fun BTW I Have Deleted That Anyway
  5. Gr8t News:NeoGamez Sows A Screen Running KOF2K3! Visit Here:http://www.neogamez.net
  6. Got Bank Error Agozer The NRX U Send Me Got The Bank Error
  7. I can't rename the sVc ROms To svc_??.rom How do i do it
  8. I Need The Correct Thing That Make The 3 Games Run Perfectly.Like Something To Change The ROms Like Metal Slug Got A Bad Rom Blah Blah Blah And You Need To Dwonload The Correct Rom Blah Blah Blah And I Think That We Should Make A Topic About The Metal Sug,sVc,And SSV.So,If U Think U Need ANything To Run Ur Game Perfectly,Post Here. My Question: SSV:The Bank Problem Shows Up. sVc:Unable To Load Program ROM. Metal Slug:Can't Load/Not Showing On The List So If U Got The ROM To Correct The Error,Post Here.
  9. I got the unable to load Program Roms.I got the unmooded one(the one which has not add any kind of roms)and what should I do?
  10. bug that shut down ur com wherever u try to connct to ur Internet
  11. @Dragus Did Ya Try Renaming The File ROM To ROM?Cause NRX Would Not Accept.BIN Hope That Helps
  12. I FINALLY GOT SSV TO WORK!!! problem Is,I Cannot Play It Shows Bank Error And BTW I am using The NRX From Neogamez And Agozer If The P1 Is Small Email Me At Tornado_Jay@Hotmail.com
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