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  1. His Version Is Form Year 2099 A Super Good One.
  2. Hey GC,Can't See Tools,Where Is It T_T forgive me i am just a sixth grade T_T
  3. Yup 1Emu Does Not Charge T_T So so many people come here T_T
  4. haha unfortunately i don't have that 1 have 2 virus might be deleted my be wihtout NAV(Norton...U Know What)
  5. its too blur so people one eye can see that thats is a fake no offence Violence
  6. nah,the pic does not look clear,its a fake. Look at the other pic.it should be clear,why are they blurred? they gives u the clue that they r fake.
  7. yeah,i felt the same,I wish CPS3 could appear,and 1 is around 50MB sumthing.
  8. huh,u r betta off than me,I can't even play that,do u got a perfect link that u don't need to change anything and the emu is included
  9. well,KaZaA Lite Is Back.lol But i Don't Wanna Get Caught,Spyware,Virus,Bug OR Sumthing.lol
  10. orichi got eight head. check this all out at http://www.snkx.com
  11. I know Tae Kwon Do And When KOF Come Out,Is It Going To Be80MB Or Sumthing?
  12. what does cd image mounting means
  13. it is ID,not card and EMFP is just don't wanna ruin SNK Playmore.
  14. i want to run Mame Dos In my Windows XP.how do i use that
  15. Microsoft Connetix Virtual PC Version 4.Somethign Or 5 I Dunno O.0 Check It Out On Microsoft.com I am too lazy...
  16. the reson that the EFMP does not want to realease the ROM:the card has a special IC and they need something to read,and I think a Korea company has it(or are they selling?)and EFMP team contacted the company,but with no avail.Unless they found something that can read the special IC,or they find other card that uses normal IC,or...they have to quit. they also added that KOF2K3 Is Going to use the three year rules,they don't want to destory the company(preety good huh?)and they also said that Andy Is not usable in KOF2K3.
  17. well,I have played KOF2k2 Tonz of timez,so I use its ROM...
  18. then u dare say u did not use its ROM and EMU?
  19. fixed but the forum is down
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