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  1. that website has that one virus i forget it's name... sysu.exe or whatever Yeah I D/L It The MSN And It Got Me An Trojan(Freaking Half Arses People Give Us Virus(Sweat...))
  2. Cause when u play Kaillera U have to do moves. engough crappy ideas.I need the movelist please.
  3. Well<I Have Seen Many Emulaotr Coding By It,And It Includes Dolphin.So What is This Thing?Where can I D/L It?(No Crack or Warez I Just want the beta or sumthing) best Regards,
  4. Topic^^ Anyway I need moves of Kyo Kusanagi,Ash Crimson,Iori Yagami.I Also Need help On Unlocking Chizuru+Kyo Kusanagi(Sub.Boss)And I want No QCB Or Sumthing Like That,Just dwn,fwd Or Sumthing.Thx.
  5. does it got pr0n pop-ups o.0(scared)
  6. whats about it is it Donkey Kong cause I don't have Quicktime o.0
  7. ARGH...I wanna play!I wanna plaY!Just How Do U change The Buttons???
  8. what does it mean bu default layout?does that mean I culd change it?q
  9. can't change dammit any button I press can't be showned like I press A and it does not change to A
  10. YAY!I Finally ZGot It To Work!And How Do U Change The Button In MAME32?
  11. I Mean I can't Find The File Although Leechget Said There is
  12. I can't Even Find It,can U Find?No,Th Answer Is No.
  13. Well,I am At My Uncles House and he Wanted Some Games.But He's Duno Anything About emulation,So I Hatta Help Him.So,Any Recommandtion On these platforms? GBA GBC Neo-Geo CPS2 Thats for now
  14. It=Without Them,CPS2 Emulation Will Not be Possible
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