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  1. http://www.wacom.com/graphire/index.cfm $100 for a wacom tablet, or $150 for a ds I tried mine out with a palm pilot os and it worked nicely
  2. Yeah, you heard right: Eddie and Faust are top tier. Eddie can get free damage after a knockdown with his unblockables, and Faust just has excellent normals, range, and crazy mix-ups using his glitch. If you're curious just watch some Japanese match vids. (These are #Reload; also, just add "h" to the front.) ttp://ppph.org/~lolilerbutai/ Sol is more upper mid tier, and Bridget is definitely not top. Over the last few Japanese matches that I've seen, Bridget is either VERY low top, or high up on high tier. He's getting more and more attention since people have started abusing his range, and Me and My Killing Machine (<3).
  3. violence... This is going to sound wierd... but are you a girl? .____. I never actually found out >< And the shoes are kinda unisex, but are leaning a bit to the "girl" side. Don't take this offensivly ._____.
  4. 7/9.___. I'm not even that old... I love looking at teenagers using cell phones and laughing though
  5. Robo-Ky MK II perhaps? ok, after searching around, I've missunderstood something. I thought that MK II was the #reload's robo-ky (who's also making an appearance). sorry.____.; edit - Sol isn't top tier O_o... He's pretty high, but the only sure top tier characters are Slayer, Millia, Faust, Eddie, and MAYBE Bridget. Here's the basic standpoint of Japan + America. Top Tier: Eddie Millia Eddie Bridget (Mostly in Japan, America hates cross-dressers ) Faust High Tier: Sol Other people I don't care about.
  6. The new character is A.B.A, who looks pretty badass. Plus someone else. And if you haven't played isuka: Other than the turning, it's better than GGX2. So, stop judging games that you've never played, and I'll be off!~ [marry poppins style]
  7. I have tangerine low-tops. They're pretty vibrant, but it doesn't bother me much. The most I've spent on shoes is probably $60 dollar dress shoes for a wedding. Meh.
  8. nah, it uses NAOMI It uses both. As does Guilty gear X 1.5.
  9. I just used a regular backup, selfboot. After some black screens, it should show the guy (cosmic or something) and you should be able to play it. It doesn't function perfectly, but, it's certainly playable
  10. Buy the game :3 unless you're talking about chanka. I'm almost positive it doesn't work correctly on chanka
  11. I have an import game, and it asks me to switch disks. The problem is, I'm using utopia to boot it (it's an original), and when I try to switch disks, it says that I can't :< I think it's because I'm using a boot disc, but, I was wondering if I used a selfboot image it would boot it? It's pretty rare (pop'n music 2 key disc), so I don't really know where I could download it in the first place This person here says that they're using a selfboot image, so I'm thinking that would work Any prior knowledge?
  12. I know this sounds stupid, but it stumped me for a while... hit the button (for example, U on the keyboard), press enter, then click on the button (dreamcast) you want to assign 'U' to. :\
  13. One time. This kid wore this stupid makeup, and wore a shirt that said "juggalo". HA.
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