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What do you do for a living?


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so i am hoping to have a career making laser cyber-monkeys for a shadow government agency :lol:

Awesome! I want one when you're done designing them! I'll have them in my secret lair.


"I want sharks with freakin' lasers!"

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I just finished a degree in media and communications, and now I am doing Honours year. I work at a department store, but I also work at a radio station, and broadcast stuff on air, interview people, do a show, etc etc. Right now, I'm also organising a concert to be held in May.


I also like writing alot...I hope to release a book soon...when I can get off my lazy arse and finish the damn thing.

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-a senior student bout to graduate from high school :(

-also full time college student (currently as well)

-assist engineer, working with the government :(


What i do for a living, I dunno, I still live with my parents and they take care of me, but i what i do to support what i want and to pay my bills ;)

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