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  1. Okay, to be more specific, whenever I use the Windows Media setup application, it'll try to install the components or whatever and it'll get an error message like halfway through the download. Oh...and I always chose the "reinstall all components" option and not the "upgrade newer components only." Yeah, sagfjdwaoiwe atjowakalksa
  2. I know that, but since the crash, I recovered most of everything else *except* for windows media player for whatever reason.
  3. Urien's body is covered in iron? WTF Sure doesn't seem like it (well, his default color at least).
  4. I see... so I could burn these files using Windows Media. Anyone know if you can download the Windows Media Player for free and if they contain spyware or not? The reason I'm asking is that since my computer crashed a few months back, I lost the Media Player and now I just use DivX Player. Thanks for any help/pointers.
  5. 2emulation? What the hell's going on? Look, either you just fu*k her and get it over with (wearing condoms I hope) so that after it's no longer any big of a deal, or you stay away from her from here on. But you keep going back to her house? What gives? Be honest, you wanna screw her, no? Then do it and get it over with. Once you're done, you'll realize it was nothing and all the "what if's" and "could be's" will be gone from your mind. Edit: Okay, found the thread regarding 2emulation.
  6. Alright, so I'm gonna need to use Windows Media Player to listen to this on my computer, right? And I can't burn it onto a CD like an mp3 file? Yeah, I'm lost.
  7. So, believe it or not, I don't often download audio/music files from the net, but when I have in the past, it was always in MP3 format and I could listen to it using Music Jukebox and also easily burn it onto a CD. But I ran across one site hosting some music files, but they are all "streaming" and in.wma format. So, what exactly is this and what program do I need to listen to this? Yeah, I know this is probably a stupid question for most of you computer wizards but like I said, I never ran across this format before. And also, is it possible to burn a.wma file onto a CD like an mp3, or do I need to convert it to something else before?
  8. So we get to beat on Brad Pitt or what?
  9. Ulala!!! Ulala!!!! Anyway, didn't know anything about Space Channel 5, so I did a search and it turns out to be a musical game. And Micheal Jackson's in this? WTH! As for Phantom Brave, it looks similar to Disgaea -- I don't know if I have the endurance to spend countless hours just leveling up my characters. I think I'd rather level up my execution skills in a fighting game -- at least I can later use it against other people at the arcades. LOL Thanks for the suggestions. I might look into Star Ocean 3... I'll try to give it a rental first though.
  10. Thanks for the links Daeval. And I think you were right on about the ROTD comparison. Though I haven't played the game, it's telling a lot that I never see any tourney vids for this game from any Japanese sites.
  11. WTF is going on there?! I don't want to know. Damn Gryph, I didn't know you were the kind of person who were into these sort of pics!
  12. So, people have gotten so used to the corruption that they are willing to settle for someone "marginally less corrupt." Kinda sad when you consider how people are all so hyped up whenever it's elections, and all for the hope of electing someone marginally less corrupt. Not worth the hype, it seems to me. It's like a rotten fruit; you don't struggle and make a fuss picking out and choosing between a very rotten part from a less rotten part -- just throw the whole thing out.
  13. I'll probably get SH 3, and maybe 4 when it's out. I'm pretty sure I have most of the so-called A+ titles on the PS2. But if you'd like to write down a brief list of some of these titles, feel free. Anyway, what's wrong with Manhunt? I have no idea since I haven't played it, but most of what I hear about it is good.
  14. Busty women... heck, I just played with a few during class (helps keep the boredom away). Any pics of this Rumble Fish?
  15. I'm willing to show. I won't see anything unless I have a good idea of what it is. Is it like rotten.com or something? Uh...anyway, just say "no" to politicians (sp?) -- and that includes not participating in their corrupt voting system.
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