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Worst fighting game ever?

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Here here, but I already said that, so add something else :D


J/K ;)


Also, MK 2 was the best version not 3! why? because they turned it into a silly game, the fatalities weren't fun anymore [hands suspended in mid-air anyone?], and the way they did the colours for the animalities even made liu's once cool dragon look crap...ooh, I'm a harsh critic ain't I?! :( Still a great game tho, with one of me fave quotes "There is no knowledge that is not power".


Um...crap fights...hmm... Battle Arena Toshinden?


Oh wait! I know! Mortal Kombat 1 on the Gameboy! So damned slow that your brain'd stop after a while to wait for the next frame to come through!!!

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no no, you got my words twisted. i said the ultimate mk3 is the best version of mk3, mk2 was the best one out :D


you can also add the sequel to rise of the robots to the list as crap


i also didn't like fighting vipers and the god awful virtual fighter kids

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Street Fighter: Double Impact


The worst fighting game I have ever played!!

I got so bored that I just threw the cd to the wall. It was a extreme disappointment. :D

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There was something about Double Impact that did not catch my attention like The New Generation did in the arcades (I've never seen 2nd Impact in the arcades). 3rd Strike definitely raised the bar A LOT, which is a good thing.


Anyway Shaq Fu and Clayfighter were amazing games, I don't care what none of yall say. Not cuzza the gameplay but because of the comedy. These games are so bad that you have to love em. And Pit Fighter...come on guys? You can't tell me you weren't blown away by the graphics in that game back in 89 (90?). All of my money was always wasted (literally) on that game at the bowling alleys just to marvel at the graphics back when I was in Kindergarten.


Sure Rise of the Machines, Eternal Champs, and some SF's and MK's were horrible but does no one remember "Ultraman" for the SNES? I mean the TV show was bad enough...then they made the ripoff show "Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad" but I doubt many of yall remember that too.


Ultraman, no competition, the worst game ever thought up.




1. Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

2. Tekken 3 / 4

3. Street Fighter Alpha 3

4. Super Smash Bros (original)

5. King of Fighters 98


Another game that I used to love...Power Rangers Fighting Edition...

Denying the greatness of that game means you haven't played it.

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I would have to say that it would be a tie between CRITICOM and BATTLE MONSTERS on saturn.


but there are tons of runners up:


Battle Arena Toshinden URA on saturn


Killing Zone on psx


Tattoo Assassins arcade so crappy only 2 cabinets of this pile were ever made.


Way of the Warrior 3DO


Shadow: War of Succession 3DO


I could go on forever.

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