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  1. Everytime I request this char on THE GUILD, people keep telling me I can find him online. So everyday for the past few weeks I've been googling like hell and searching through random threads to see what the deal is. All signs point to Street Mugen, Random Select, Mugenation, and Planet Mugen. He is not available for download on ANY of these sites and planetmugen isn't even up anymore. He's not at presstart mugen, he's not anywhere. Can anyone either tell me where I can find this char or email it to me? butterballman21@hotmail.com thank u...
  2. When did the rules change? I remember this board being the only one that didn't have strict rules...
  3. Hey where did you find it? Are we allowed to ask for GBA rom sites anymore? I used to have plenty of good ones bookmarked but had to format.
  4. Why are they ALL this blasted screwed up version? Are there any Sonic Advance 3's in existence that are NORMAL GAMES? Who wants to start off with everything man? Nobody...
  5. Why do people have to be assholes and wonder why we want to get the NES classic series working for the GBA? It's simple...it's because the simple fact that its something fresh and new (yet old as hell). Whatever, we could easily get a better experience using FCEultra huh? I dont give a flock about that, I, like other people, just simply want to test the NES CLassic Series out Our reasons dont have to satisfy everyone, but if you can't answer the question, dont comment...
  6. http://gba.ouroad.org/index.php?act=romlist THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE YOU NEED TO GOTO TO GET ROMS
  7. You know, I've been down with no$gmb since like 98/99. But since they started requiring you to register it, I started hating it. I knew back then that it had link support for gb/c, but it has link support for GBA you say? This is amazing...truly amazing.
  8. try the others like sonic-x and All Grown Up and tell me if they work? Maybe I'm having trouble because I'm using xboyadvance. But XBA is based off of VBA so I dont see why it wouldn't work... The title screens come up fine....but the videos themselves dont show up at all.
  9. So damn...is there anyway you could hook the non-newsgroupers up with the default.xbe? EDIT: **As he travels to the previous set of posts...he realizes that he is dumbass and simply has to send Prican a PM w/ his email address...** DONE
  10. All I get are completely black screens but I can hear the audio fine. Has anyone got these new cartoon roms to work ?
  11. /server efnet /join #xbins /msg xbins !list If I just broke any rules by listing that, then I apologize...
  12. Edit the.ini file of whatever dashboard you're using... ...man the girl in that pic looks good...
  13. Please tell me you did not just mention Shenpoo...quite possibly the worst game ever made. Sure it was revolutionary back in 99 but come on now...games have taken the interactive freedom idea and actually made GOOD games like True Crimes GTA and Mafia. Shenmue is old news...I can't believe I even rented Shenmue 2.
  14. Yeah...this works fine for the updated version...just tried it.
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