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  1. Waku Waku 7 [ Incredibly wacky cartoony beat'em up fun]
  2. http://perso.wanadoo.fr/x-underground/ Password for downloading the file is : Username: x-underground Pass : unblacklistme You MAY need this if it asks when you try to run neorage : Name= HappyASR Key = A220-CC87-5884-0F96 Have Fun
  3. What are the rest of your specs? Does Kof2k3 run as well as other games or a bit choppier/slower? May not be registering your keypresses. You are talking about playing it with mame? Did it work with your old keyboard? Do I ask a lot of questions? Sue me?
  4. Someone asked for a keycode, this help ? Name= HappyASR Key = A220-CC87-5884-0F96 , also don't just check the XXX_XX make sure they're all.rom, no.bin ones hanging around, cos neoragex can't handle 'em.
  5. Try this one, I'm guessing you're broadband ? [*glares menacingly*] http://perso.wanadoo.fr/x-underground/
  6. Here here, but I already said that, so add something else J/K Also, MK 2 was the best version not 3! why? because they turned it into a silly game, the fatalities weren't fun anymore [hands suspended in mid-air anyone?], and the way they did the colours for the animalities even made liu's once cool dragon look crap...ooh, I'm a harsh critic ain't I?! Still a great game tho, with one of me fave quotes "There is no knowledge that is not power". Um...crap fights...hmm... Battle Arena Toshinden? Oh wait! I know! Mortal Kombat 1 on the Gameboy! So damned slow that your brain'd stop after a while to wait for the next frame to come through!!!
  7. Sorry to ask, but was the N62 mistake intentional? ? Oh, and Rise of the Robots.
  8. I had that problem with ROTD on NeorageX, this site has a fully functioning [sound's fine] version for NeorageX, also tested on Nebula: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/x-underground/ Good Luck!
  9. I don't know whether we're straying offtopic here to be talking about moves, when this thread is for news, but all the same, I've been using a keyboard for years and had no trouble pulling off any fighting games' moves, whether they be SNK or Capcom made. Maybe you're pressing the keys too slowly? or too quickly...What are your specs? The game may not be picking up your moves if it's choppy [happened to me when I first ran mame, but changed a few options]. It doesn't have to be a fluid motion, just press the directions, like for Robert's DM for example : Back, Down, Toward, Down + A / C If you still can't play then...well, it seems SNK Playmore's war against emulation will be won by keyboards
  10. Ah, yes of course, anime. Unfortunately I can't buy it where I am [no really, that's not just an excuse], so I just download [am 56k], or get it through friends. I can't find the space to put it all : Cowboy Bebop Trigun Hellsing Noir Gundam Wing Chobits Slayers Love Hina Lain All great , but I won't bore you with the whole list Manga's great too, and can be found relatively easily online, have downloaded over 2.5 gigs already [ouch]. Check out I''s [if you can find it anymore, I think mangaproject.cjb.net has torrents now] Battle Angel Alita Hellsing [Although I think most groups stopped scanlating when it got licensed] Ichigo 100% Neon Genesis Evangelion Shadow Lady [Any tips where I can find volumes 2 and 3 of this?] and of course, last but not least : Ranma 1/2 ! This manga totally cracks me up ! Anyway, I go on too long, you're probably all asleep by now:P, go here for more: http://www.noated.com
  11. Renaise, finish Kusanagi off with a DM or LDM to get to final bosses and proper endings.
  12. What windows version are you using? if it's a Win9x platform, you might need unicows.dll [easily found through a quick search and put it in your windows directory].
  13. Um...Kim had a major animation update in 2002, it's just his face that's messed up [too thin], I wouldn't call him outdated.
  14. Yep, that's Kyo, I think that's supposed to be his new gear but he's zipped his jacket up. Just beat the game with them three...dunno what other sets might turn stuff up. Also, if they keep sticking heads like that on other KOF characters [ I mean Benimaru here, but Kyo's Victory Quote pic isn't exactly manly], I'm gonna start questioning my sexuality. Anyway, nice surprises in this game so far. I like. [Also got mai's tits a-bobbin' ! ]
  15. This is on the main page of neogamez, Now is that Art IN the game, or just Photoshoped from something? I dunno if the guy's saying you have to equip kyo and it comes up after the credits or what ?! [No, babelfish on altavista didn't help, it didn't make much extra sense] Anyhow, I'm off to try that trio and see if it turns up...
  16. Jhun, cos they F***ed up his pre-fight stance sprite and that's just terrible [he looks squashed, leg too short, it's glaringly obvious] Also, woulda said Terry but he's not to much Effed up as Washed out, low res, and seems to have overly large eyes....Oh, well, I love the new Robert anyways.
  17. *Bump* Um, any more opinions? Also, any answers to the Mai question? Jhun's squashed sprite is the one which appears if he's first to fight and takes a pose pointing his foot at his opponent, looks very bad. Comments, people! *Crack*
  18. K, did a quick search, turned up this page which seems to have several fixes http://home.kimo.com.tw/csa357kimo/download.htm Scroll down to the "Kof2k" fixes and try the s1 fix there. Or...this direct link... Good luck
  19. Hey, Agozer, you mentioned in another thread that you got the EGCG hack to run Metal Slug 5 ?? How? I thought only the special hacked o.6 ran it. Help appreciated
  20. I've seen several favourites throughout this thread, surprised no one mentioned : Mark Dacascos He needs more big breaks. For a treat, watch "Drive".
  21. Anachronox on the PC was highly underrated but great for fans of Jap. RPGs. Rocket Knight == Sparkster, I believe ?? Oh, and the SNES Rules All !
  22. You could give X-Cleaner a shot : http://download.com.com/3000-2092-10254992...tml?tag=lst-0-1 Free
  23. Real age : 21, Mental age : 73 [My own calculation...] Got into emulation almost 7 years ago now...at least I think...I do recall downloading snes roms at 365 bytes a second anyway...ah, the good old days...etc...Ack, I'm starting to sound like a 73 year old again!... Oh, and thanks for putting up with us young 'uns, james
  24. I've taken several C,C++,VB,VC++,SQL courses, but they're not taught efficiently where I am, so I'm hardly professional. Currently learning to make games with gamemaker[.nl] which has a VB style interface and similar Programming language to C++. I need to get good quick for my grad. project Oh, also reading up on GBA programming recently [check out www.jharbour.com].
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