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Worst fighting game ever?

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you're thinking of Samurai Shodown 64 games, yeah, that game sucked. Pretty much every game on neogeo 64 hardware sucked, besides Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition


you know which one I didn't like much.....


Marvel vs. Capcom 2...I liked the 1st one better

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I'll have to agree that World Heroes is number one crap. And the fact that there are three of them is beyond any sense.


I remember playing as Rasputin once and I did this ultimately gay move where he tackles the opponent into a bed of roses and defiles him/her (usually a him). I never played the game again.

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Shaq Fu

I avoided that game with all my might. I also avoided Steel.


After seeing Kazaam, I decided to never see anything of Shaq outside of basketball. I even change the channel when his RadioShack (RadioShaq) commercials come on.

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Some other ones I would have to go with are:

Ultimate mortal kombat 3 and Mortal kombat trilogy (just didn't work :blink:)

Mutant Fighter (Oh man was this a joke? Keep hearing the music though)



VF vs Tekken 2 anyone :(

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i personaly hated art of fighting 1 for neogeo. i agree with shaq-fu and double dragon 5 as being crap


ultimate mk3 was the best version of mk3 which i liked for a few minutes (still own the saturn version)


ki 2 is a crappy fighter to me but the one that i'll never forget is sf: the movie for all versions

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it seems im the only one here who thinks World Heroes/ Fighters History series are mediocre-decent. the GB version of World Heroes 2 Jet is quite fun actually (also considering how they managed to cram all those moves that not even the arcade version had into a GB cart).


as for the worst, i dont know. if its something that bad, i get bored playing it in a short while so i cant really judge them that much.

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I liked Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer.


WORST GAME EVER is if you ever owned a N64..


Deadly Arts.


Runner up is Pit Fighter. I remember when SNES came out for Christmas I asked for Zelda:Link to the Past, but all the copies were out, so my mom got me Pit Fighter instead! I still have mental scars from that game.

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