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How old are you guys?


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i am 25  im glad im not one of the old guys by myself anymore lol

would you like a loan of my walking stick ?




oh yeah sorry if you see my edit in your post. I clicked the wrong one. see old age is getting to me. :)

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Real age : 21, Mental age : 73 [My own calculation...]


Got into emulation almost 7 years ago now...at least I think...I do recall downloading snes roms at 365 bytes a second anyway...ah, the good old days...etc...Ack, I'm starting to sound like a 73 year old again!...


Oh, and thanks for putting up with us young 'uns, james ;)

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24 and 3/4 years old. Been playing games since 3 years old (Arcade Spy HUnter, BABY!)


Married with a 9 mo. old daughter.


And I STILL play games 'till 3am. ;)


(But it sems as if my skills are going bad... it took me 2 months to finish Prince of Persia Xbox, when back in the day I finished Final Fantasy VII in 3 days.)

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