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  1. Just to add, I'm using the kof2003 rom and it hangs halfway through the loading, eventhough the romset says it's fine. 08.02 version of FBAXXX
  2. Is it safe to say no one is bothering with KOF 2k3 for KawaX? Just wondering.
  3. SmartXX (the modchip makers) say they know something about LPC based modchips and the fact that Live 3.0 MAY be able to detect them (all rumor, but I have a feeling there's a bit of truth to it; even my M$ contact has mentioned something about it, and he told me about Live 2.0 fixing the Audio exploits and such...). So enjoy that switch now; I have a feeling M$ is up to something. It wouldn't really surprise me, rumor, again, tells me that M$ is trying everything they can to fix as much as possible before Halo 2 comes out. It's going to be their cash cow, and they'll do whatever it takes to protect it from being ripped, ect. My M$ guy even goes so far as to tell me the game is finished, but is being held back for study of protections. This, I don't believe, but he's been right about other stuff before.
  4. Are you getting a chip so you can play on XBlive when you're not running KawaX? If not, just TSOP flash. SOOOOOOOOOOO much easier and cheaper.
  5. Why the hell would you do that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  6. I work at Gamestop as well, and the reason for us getting rid of all the 1st/2nd gen game and systems is because they don't generate the kind of revenue that warrants how much space they take up in our stores. As far as Dreamcast is concerned, it's mostly because of the fact that 99% of the games we get traded in are scratched up. And if you ever followed the tecnical aspects of the DC, pretty much any minor scratches render the DC games useless, due to the GD-ROM format (smaller wrtie spacing with less error correction), compared to the PSX which adheres to the redbook standards for error correction and format. I've seen some PSX games that I thought could just not possibly work (totally scratched up), and surprise!, they did. Refurbishing the DC discs does not help, either. No worries, I spent YEARS collecting virtually EVERY SINGLE DC game online from the first day the DC began to have a "scene". So I'm content. =)
  7. Just for clarification: The only one that can give us a new P1 is the same person that dumped the rom? Is there no one else in the scene that can do it/wants to do it? Just curious. I'm liking the new KOF...I just wanna have it on my 55" HDTV. =P Somehow a 19" monitor just isn't cutting it. =) And am I the only one upset with how short MS5 is? I actually finished this game in the arcade after I went though it in Kawa-X and only spent 2.50. But I'll still go play it in the arcade because it's fun to get a few people watching and playing with you.
  8. 24 and 3/4 years old. Been playing games since 3 years old (Arcade Spy HUnter, BABY!) Married with a 9 mo. old daughter. And I STILL play games 'till 3am. (But it sems as if my skills are going bad... it took me 2 months to finish Prince of Persia Xbox, when back in the day I finished Final Fantasy VII in 3 days.)
  9. I SWEAR this is legit. Big time luck..................... My score
  10. Yes, the last boss Johann is a cheater, because he uses spheres of energy to win & he doesn't use his arms & his legs. Speaking of impossible, has anyone successfully beat Nam1975? I have a savegame right before the last boss, and I haven't been able to beat him for 4 months. Talk about cheap!
  11. You may need to specify what engine you're using too. Most run great on 1964 and PJ64, but lock on HLE.
  12. You use a newsreader like NewsbinPro, Agent, or *shudder* Outlook to access whatever newsgroups your ISP allows you to, or use a pay service like Easynews.com.
  13. I got both sets listed in this thread, as well as the cthdnd.zip file included with the patch for KawaXPlus posted to the newsgroups. No matter what I try, the loading on an Xbox freezes when loading the p1 file. This also happens when loading rotdnd.zip as well. The CTHD zip file works fine on Neorage, so it's not the set. Any ideas? EDIT: I finally got CTHD to list in KawaXPlus, but it now hangs loading the v4 rom. I did fix ROTD, though.
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