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  1. right on brother.... I will never stop using IE. But, I do admit that FireFox's javascript code runs VERY fast, but it has problems rendering html layers and style display properties correctly. As a web applications developer this is important. anywayz.. just my input
  2. not sure if you guys are interested in building a Jukebox, but if you are, I suggest checking out "SK Jukebox" for your software front end (search google for SK Jukebox). You can remapp keys and everything. Very cool proggie. Home make MP3 Jukeboxes rule! - SQrL
  3. IMO... same as 1st, but with less vehicle missions.... seemed very short to me... and the ending sucked sum monkey ass! #3 better come out soon, just to finish of the story line! - SQrL
  4. OK, so it might not live up to the "Prince of Persia" title, BUT, its still a pretty good XBOX game.... cough cough.. suprnova.. cough.. - SQrL
  5. AMEN BROTHER! this just proves that Liberalism is a DISEASE!
  6. I feel your pain man.... I cant stand that people are voting for Krappy.. err... Kerry just because its NOT Bush... wtf.... so I guess it doesn't matter how many lies Kerry tells or how bad he is going to flock up our economy..... pfffft... might as well put a gun to my head now
  7. each TYME ppl tell me "well if you hate america so much why don't you just get the fuuck out!?" and I tell them "I'm workin' on it!!" I don't understand people that dont like FREEDOM
  8. I "hope" your joking!... if not, then get the flock out and don't come back
  9. look.. if you want a career in computers then MIS is the way to go. I have a BS in MIS and now I'm a software developer. It's a great field. You can even go into internal auditing from MIS. One extra semester isn't that bad. just my opinion...
  10. and to all the "Lefteys" out there that dont realize it, Miller is a Demoncat.. err.. I mean Demorat.... duh..... Democrat... thats it damn liberals, all! [i'm sure I'm outnumbered in my viewpoint, but I like it that way ]
  11. leftey or rightey... doesn't matter.. just vote one way or the other... politics SUCK but they are necessarry
  12. I agree, BitDefender is very good! (It's a firewall and virus protector all in one).
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