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  1. Sorry! I didn't notice I wasn't being very specific! What I was trying to find out is if there was a PS2 to PC emulator that uses official game discs. I have a few games that cause DRE's in the PS2 all the time when they didn't before. Instead of fixing the PS2 or getting a new one, i thought it would be kind of neat to play them on the PC with the surround sound and all that jazz.
  2. Does anyone know if anything like this exists?
  3. I don't have any reasons why these bands have stuck to or influenced me other than changing the way I think about things. Reading too deeply into everything just creates problems. Messages are dumb and I am rad. Less Than Jake The Bouncing Souls Hatebreed The Haunted Shai Hulud NOFX Strung Out Mustard Plug Snapcase Suicide Machines The Distillers Bad Brains Goverment Issue and countless others
  4. In 1990, I saw a $1300 price tag on a Neo Geo Gold system. As for the Genesis in 1994, $100 would be about right. The Sega CD and the 32X were expensive and just about not worth it. Other system's prices when I got them were: NES $150, Gameboy $129.99, Genesis $199, Turbo Express $299.99, Super Nintendo $149.99 the day it came out! Thanks, Base Exchange! Gotta love AAFES!
  5. I'm watching cause my mom is a cheerleader.
  6. Donkey Konga is a direct rip off of Taiko No Tatsujin, another game Namco makes. Beatmania IIDX is the $hit.
  7. When did they quit with the different endings?
  8. Try looking at the second page of this thread. If that does not work, that does not mean the rom isn't there anymore. The link may just be tied up at the moment.
  9. The hell you talking about? Be careful? Jame's work is always quality. Use WinRAR to unpack the files. WinAce isn't always reliable with RAR files.
  10. Too bad all the "mom and pop" video game stores in my area gave up on imports and Neo Geo about four years ago. Well, with the exception of Pokemon and Dragonball games. Kids seem like they just can't wait.
  11. I've only cracked Nero, photo apps and some games and I usually support software that does not have a corporate interest behind it. Acid burn, Daemon Tools, CloneCD, E-Donkey and what not.
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