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How old are you guys?


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28 here... 


I'm pleasantly surprised that there are so many people in their teens and early twenties on this forum.  I guess was expecting mostly older gamers to be into the old school 2D games.

Well most of the teens today grew up with 2d games around 1980's. Otherwise, its all about those 3d gaming :rolleyes:

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no girl/chick in here ei? :blink:

The odds are against it.

Ther'e can be only 1.



so we got 1 here ei? asl pls? :D

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You a Female???Cause I Don't Undertsand A Head Or Tail of Your Post.

Shes messing with us yo.


And to all, if the girls wont come here, make them :blink: Hey it worked with me and fighting games and Call of Duty, she doesn't play counter-strike tho :/

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