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Final Burn Legends 1.5

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Ok, dusted off the old LightGun today to test VCop 3, thats another story.

Anywho decided to give FBL 1.5 a blast with the few lightgun games it does support.

Everything seems ok except i cant configure the lightgun within the emulator itself.

I see an option to speed up the cursor but that doesnt help with guns at all.

The onscreen reticle seems to lag behind the gun movements, badly, like about 6ins behind.

To move the reticle to the top of the screen i have to the top of the screen and wait 2 seconds for the reticle to catch up.

What im asking for is a gun calibration screen for FBL 1.6.

ie:- top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right with the ability to adjust the speed of the reticle/cursor.

These games play brilliantly but the reticle/cursor lagging behind makes them unplayable with a lightgun.

Lets be honest, they were designed to be played with a lightgun.

I know its not a priority of yours but if i dont ask you wont look at it.

Lots of sources out there for this kind of thing.


being a bit lazy i know but anyone want to say what lightgun games work on FBL

am running zero point rail chase and operation wolf know off any others i could add

tried zero point 2 out of memory tried line of fire but only fires rockets gun isnt mapped to game and now wont load in FBL 1.5 anyway

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Does NestopiaX have a calibration screen for the zapper? I may have no idea what I'm talking about here as I had no idea a lightgun would even work with FBL but NestopiaX uses the same UI code so it may be possible to borrow some code from there. All theoretical of course.

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Well downloaded NestopiaX, grabbed Operation Wolf rom.

Launched, changed controller to Zapper, no lightgun config screen.

Same problem as with FBL, very laggy response to the gun motions.

No quick code fix it seems from Nestopia, unlucky.

MameOx worked ok and im sure theres more sources out there.


Just remembered Zsnexbox uses lighguns too, not sure if it has a config screen, will grab n test after my tea.

Found this http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=551744

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I would guess that the problem you're experiencing isn't lag as such, it's the fact that FBL has no analog control support therefore the reticule is only able to move at a single fixed speed. So a calibration screen probably wouldn't help. As I mentioned before about analog support, without a base to work from I wouldn't have a clue how to go about implementing this as much as I would like to. I'm certainly not going to get anybody's hopes up by pretending I'm able to something that is out of my depth.

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the rom sf2m1 doesn't show up on the list of roms. is there a reason why this sf2 hack isn't supported?


and what are the sf2bonus roms i see in my .141 rom collection?

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