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Final Burn Legends 1.5

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Final Burn Legends 1.5


Please see notes below the changelog for installation and other important information.






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What's New:


- Updated PGM code by iq_132. Games now working:

Knights of Valour 2

Knights of Valour 2 Plus

Martial Masters


- Added preliminary Irem driver.


- Updated several sets and names to match MAME.


- Added configurable button for entering settings in Cave games.


- DIP switches now disabled automatically for games that need it.


- Fixed button input in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.


- Double Dragon can now be CPU overclocked to eliminate slowdown.


- Controls fixed in Crazy Climber 2 (use both analog sticks).


- Slight performance increase in Sega driver. Some games still not full

speed but getting there.


- Performance boost in Taito-Z games.


- Commando parent set fixed.


- Fixed DIP switches in Parodius.


- Fixed inverted graphics layer in '88 Games.


- Re-fixed item button in Dungeons & Dragons games.


- Music now works in the following games:

Mahjong Gakuen

Mahjong Gakuen 2 Gakuen-chou no Fukushuu

Poker Ladies



Capcom World

Adventure Quiz 2 Hatena Hatena no Dai-Bouken

Super Pang

Monsters World

Super Marukin-Ban

Quiz Tonosama no Yabou

Quiz Sangokushi

Block Block


- Parent video/marquee/screenshot is now displayed if no clone image is found.


- Added option to disable auto rotation in vertical games


- Fixed 10x11 pixel ratio setting.


- Restored animated logo to main menu.


- D-pad can now be used to fine tune screen size. Use D-pad alone to

scale the screen, use Left Trigger + D-pad to move the screen.


- Tidied up Filtered Games and added new Custom filters; "PGM", "Cave + PGM",

"Taito", and "Toaplan".




-This is an upgrade package intended to be copied over an existing 1.4 installation. Simply copy the included files and folders to your FBL directory, overwriting any existing ones, then delete your \ini\FinalBurnLegends.ini file. This file must be recreated to include new options present in FBL1.5. Failure to delete this file will result in UI issues.


Several romsets have changed in this release. Use the included DATs to check your roms before reporting problems.


A good note from the original author is worth repeating:

RELEASE THE SOURCE! Don't take mine or anyone else's work and not release the source. Everyone should get to benefit and future developers should be able to improve the code whenever current development stops.




The usual places. Screenshots and marquees are still available in the FBL Extras package here:


FBL Extras: (marquees & screenshots)




Many thanks to:

- nes6502 for his excellent Xbox port of FBA.

- iq_132 for the Xbox PGM drivers and countless other driver additions.

- kenshiro for his updated drivers and fixes.

- The Neosource community for many FBA code updates and fixes.

- lantus for FBANext

- Treble Winner for the updated FBA

- Neil222 for his help and the new default skin.

- Alinky for her HDTV testing.

- neoryu for his beta testing and support.

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Nice work +T+! cant wait to try it out~! get to mess with something else besides nestopiax and playing shockwave for a few.


do you know off hand which irem games are in this build? if not i can check the dat.


once again, THANK YOU! ;)

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Yes ... really fantastic :(

Thanks a lot for all the work you do all :D


- I have a question to iq_132 because i don't read anything about Capcom 3 in the readme file ...

Have you work on ? it will be release for FBL 1.6 ?


- Preliminary IREM drivers ... we will play IREM games in 1.6 too ??? ;)



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