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  1. Ok thats cool as i think its a great idea
  2. Hmm the list isnt going well is it Ive played through Double Dragon a few times but ive had it crash about 5 times after you beat willy , Not sure it this happened on the original game ? i think it would be a good idea to have the perfect list in the filters at the top
  3. Who does the upgrades and how much ? and will it still run xbox games at those CPU speeds Also if you just get the ram upgrade does the xbox run normally then ? Thanks You ok Phil ? Still got the emotia you sold me by the way
  4. Shame , Someone needs to invent something so we can upgarde our ram with ease
  5. Try the Ressurection Xtras 1.0 (Direct Download Links) section over at emuxtras , There in the genesis pack
  6. Id love to play some of those Sammy lightgun games with my TopGun
  7. This is an excellent idea , Just what i wanted I know these work perfectly Fantasia 95 Wow New Fantasia Gals Hustler
  8. Thanks for 1.5 its great but i have a question , How do i remove unwanted games (like out of memory games or unplayable games) Id like to create a set where they all work Thanks
  9. Hi Gilou , Does your Heroes skin work with 1.5 FBL ? Id like to continue using it as i really like it Thanks
  10. I own several PC's with emulators on but to me it just dosnt feel the same as it does on the XBOX , Its like the xbox was truly made to be a one stop HTPC with great front ends and xbmc its just a shame its running out of power and theres no easy way to upgrade the hardware , TBH i thought id seen everything the xbox could do 2 years ago and now look how far its come I think we'll see more improvments in the future
  11. I must be dumb , I cant see the links on the blog I want to build a PSX Emu with games that only work 100% I go here http://coinops.blogspot.com/ Help . sorry for being dumb
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