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  1. Ok thats cool as i think its a great idea
  2. Hmm the list isnt going well is it Ive played through Double Dragon a few times but ive had it crash about 5 times after you beat willy , Not sure it this happened on the original game ? i think it would be a good idea to have the perfect list in the filters at the top
  3. Who does the upgrades and how much ? and will it still run xbox games at those CPU speeds Also if you just get the ram upgrade does the xbox run normally then ? Thanks You ok Phil ? Still got the emotia you sold me by the way
  4. Shame , Someone needs to invent something so we can upgarde our ram with ease
  5. Try the Ressurection Xtras 1.0 (Direct Download Links) section over at emuxtras , There in the genesis pack
  6. Id love to play some of those Sammy lightgun games with my TopGun
  7. This is an excellent idea , Just what i wanted I know these work perfectly Fantasia 95 Wow New Fantasia Gals Hustler
  8. Thanks for 1.5 its great but i have a question , How do i remove unwanted games (like out of memory games or unplayable games) Id like to create a set where they all work Thanks
  9. Hi Gilou , Does your Heroes skin work with 1.5 FBL ? Id like to continue using it as i really like it Thanks
  10. I own several PC's with emulators on but to me it just dosnt feel the same as it does on the XBOX , Its like the xbox was truly made to be a one stop HTPC with great front ends and xbmc its just a shame its running out of power and theres no easy way to upgrade the hardware , TBH i thought id seen everything the xbox could do 2 years ago and now look how far its come I think we'll see more improvments in the future
  11. I must be dumb , I cant see the links on the blog I want to build a PSX Emu with games that only work 100% I go here http://coinops.blogspot.com/ Help . sorry for being dumb
  12. if you look in the video in my first post you will notice on the guys xbox hdd he has a game called made-man,which is another unreleased game. Could someone do a nice wide icon for this game ? Thanks
  13. Will the videos be included in the 1.4 download or will i have to find these seperatly Thanks
  14. Good tip Thanks I should be able to find them easy enough
  15. if you have fbaxxx pro 1.29 then final burn legends will be compatible with that romset.final burn legends 1.3 uses mame 0.139 romset IIRC. Cool Thanks
  16. Im pretty excited about this release but havnt updated my xbox in about 2yrs Does FBL use a specific Rom set like FBA Pro ? I remember having to find the excact rom set for the Emu , Which was a bit of a pain Thanks
  17. Hi im looking for a suitable matx mother board to create a pc for arcade gaming , i already have a processor at home which id like to use , its a 2.8ghz 90nm pentium 4 socket 775 800 ht , i probably only need 1gb of ram , i also dont need on board graphics and i would be happy with just analog audio, ill mostly be running 2d games. im going to be using a arcadevga card via PCI-E or AGP as seen here http://www.ultimarc.com/avgainf.html and they also note that onboad graphics could conflict with the card as quoted here so if i do get a board with onboard graphics i need to be able to turn it off via the bios , the reason i must have this graphics card is that its able to run at 15khz and run true low res so i can use it on a 21” crt tv via rgb scart and achieve a arcade picture perfect moniter id rather use a ide harddrive , as i have a spare 120gb hdd lying around + id like to use these parts listed here any help or suggestions would be great even if you think i could save money getting rid of my 775 processor as im no computer expert Thanks
  18. looking forward to this , havnt been around for awhile now but looking to get back into coin ops , just hope i can find the download for it Thanks
  19. thanks for this BP , im really looking forward to it
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